Deploy Aviatrix Controller LAB

Aviatrix Sandbox Starter is a comprehensive tool to build Cloud Networks in minutes. It could also be used to just deploy the Aviatrix Controller in AWS with metered option. More details can be found here


You can deploy this tool in any AWS region. Make sure you have a proper EIP and VPC quota for your region. In our example, we will be deploying the Sandbox Starter tool in the N. Virginia region (us-east-1).

  • Click here for the N. Virginia region EC2 setting


  • Click here to search for the Sandbox Starter Public AMI under the Images section and select the latest Sandbox Starter AMI




  • Click Configure Instance Details and provide the following information. Leave everything else as default
    • Network: Select the default VPC.
    • Subnet: Select the public subnet
    • Auto-assign Public IP: Enable

  • Click Add Storage button. Do not change anything here
  • Click Add Tags. Do not change anything here
  • Click Configure Security Group
  • Create a new security group with the following information
    • Security Group Name: Aviatrix_Sandbox_Starter_SG
    • Delete the SSH TCP 22 rule and add a new HTTPS TCP 443 rule as shown in the following screenshot
    • Ignore the warning


  • Review and launch now


  • Select the Key Pair and Launch

  • Click on the instance ID to show the details and copy the Public IPv4 address




  • Once the instance "Running", browse to https://<Public IPv4 address>
    • In our example it is
    • The tool uses a self-signed certificate
      • Accept the warning and proceed
      • If using Chrome and you get a connection error message, you can bypass that by clicking anywhere and typing thisisunsafe

You should see the "Aviatrix Sandbox Starter" user interface (UI) now.


The standard workflow will deploy the controller in your AWS account.




It is recommended to provide a corporate email address to request for Aviatrix CoPilot test license
In the future, we might add the option to launch Controller in other Clouds


The Controller launch process takes about 10 min to complete. After the Controller is launched, you can see its public IP address in the "Debug" option. Now you can log in to the Aviatrix Controller using the admin user-name and the password you specified.


Cost Calculator, Troubleshooting, detailed deployment steps in Azure, and other resources are available at the following link.



Terraform to Deploy Aviatrix Controller


One can also deploy an Aviatrix Controller using the terraform. Here are the instructions and git-hub repository

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  • Hello, 

    First of all I created an EC2 in the AWS' VPC. But when i create the EC2,  AWS tell me to create a key that will allow me to connect to the EC2... i don't understand everything, so i just named a key "my name" and then the EC2 was created. 

    Next, i try to deploy Aviatrix Controller. When i get to the parameters where i have to choose VPC and subnet, i can't choose the keypair "Controller" as seen in the video, it shows me the key "my name" that i created before. Is this normal ?

    Another thing that i noticed, my EC2 is configured "t2.large" not "t3.large", do i have to change it in the parameters when i deploy the controller ? or do i have to create an EC2 t3.large ?

    Secondly, i just want to know if i pay the Aviatrix Controller that will be running in my AWS' VPC after deploying it ? I'm trying to practise in Cloud architecture (as shown in Aviatrix Controller Deployment video)  that's why i want to know, im not really using the VPC.


    Thanks for listening.

    • Rachid Amrouche  Hi ,

      Though i am not specialist i would like to give you a reply. I am not sure whether someone answered your question.

      1. It is normal if you create a EC2 instance in the AWS it asks you to create a key pair. Whatever name you specify would appear in the select option. In your case it is "my name"

      2. Regarding t2.large and not t3.large, You need configure t3.large  otherwise the instance would be created as t2.large if that is selected.

      3. For this I am not sure if you need to pay for the Aviatrix controller. but for the EC2 instance which you created you would be billed in AWS account. You can click the billing tab on the AWS account.

      Thank you..

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  • This sub is no longer available --> https://aws.amazon.com/marketplace/pp/B086T2RVTF , TF docker image fails to deploy

    • skriptdakid We are aware of this. We are working to fix it.  Thanks
      John Smoker 

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