Deploy Aviatrix Controller LAB

There are number of resources available to deploy the Aviatrix Controller in the cloud of your choice.

For LAB Testing or ACE Certification

  • We recommend you deploy Aviatrix Controller with Pay As You Go (PAYG) or metered option in AWS.
  • You can also deploy Aviatrix Controller in AWS or Azure with PAYG or Metered option.
  • Deploying Controller in GCP is available but it is not recommended because then it will require a customer-ID or license file from Aviatrix.
    • The customer-ID is only given to our customer for POC or production deployment and is not available for ACE certification testing and preparation.

Here is a step by step video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtnW3atc55w


You can also take a look at Aviatrix Documentation for additional help

Terraform to Deploy Aviatrix Controller

One can also deploy Aviatrix Controller using the terraform. Here are the instructions and git-hub repository

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  • Hello, 

    First of all I created an EC2 in the AWS' VPC. But when i create the EC2,  AWS tell me to create a key that will allow me to connect to the EC2... i don't understand everything, so i just named a key "my name" and then the EC2 was created. 

    Next, i try to deploy Aviatrix Controller. When i get to the parameters where i have to choose VPC and subnet, i can't choose the keypair "Controller" as seen in the video, it shows me the key "my name" that i created before. Is this normal ?

    Another thing that i noticed, my EC2 is configured "t2.large" not "t3.large", do i have to change it in the parameters when i deploy the controller ? or do i have to create an EC2 t3.large ?

    Secondly, i just want to know if i pay the Aviatrix Controller that will be running in my AWS' VPC after deploying it ? I'm trying to practise in Cloud architecture (as shown in Aviatrix Controller Deployment video)  that's why i want to know, im not really using the VPC.


    Thanks for listening.

    • Rachid Amrouche  Hi ,

      Though i am not specialist i would like to give you a reply. I am not sure whether someone answered your question.

      1. It is normal if you create a EC2 instance in the AWS it asks you to create a key pair. Whatever name you specify would appear in the select option. In your case it is "my name"

      2. Regarding t2.large and not t3.large, You need configure t3.large  otherwise the instance would be created as t2.large if that is selected.

      3. For this I am not sure if you need to pay for the Aviatrix controller. but for the EC2 instance which you created you would be billed in AWS account. You can click the billing tab on the AWS account.

      Thank you..

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