Don't Blame Terraform If .....

  • if Your Cloud network is down and you can't troubleshoot faster
  • if You feel helpless and can't get visibility into your Cloud network
  • if You run into a security breach and your blast radius is too wide
  • if You retrofit products designed for On-prem to work in cloud and now dealing with performance and operational nightmare.
  • if You don't have resilient, robust and globally extendable network transit
  • if your DevOps team can't take vacation b/c no one else knows how to manage those “scripts” and how network infra is built underneath.

Terraform is NOT Networking

Terraform is NOT Security

Terraform automates what you tell it to automate. If you don't make Cloud Smart decisions in terms of defining your Cloud Network Architecture , you are looking at growing pains for your business.

In On-Prem world, terraform and automation was an after thought.

In Public clouds, it's top of mind and everyone gets it, Infra-as-a-code. YES !! .. However, it does not mean networking and security is auto-magically taken care of.

Networking and Security teams needs to take control and make cloud smart decions to define what their Global Networking Architecture needs to look like in their new DC which is “predominantly” going to be one or more public cloud.

Don't blame Terraform, if you decide to make your underlying architecture too vendor specific, limited and complex that it becomes hard to operationalize and make a repeatable architecture.

Simplicity wins and don't just think Day1.

Think DAY2 , Think OPERATIONS, Think how to scale Level 1 support. 

What you are building is infra thats going to stay for years if not decade … Enterprises are moving their mission critical workloads into public clouds, legacy DC’s are shrinking. Who is responsible if your application performance is impacting due to Cloud networking issues ? Cloud provider says Go BUILD.... who is to take the blame? THINK !!

Lastly, each cloud provider will continuously evolve and keep bringing new networking and security services quite rapidly. How does an enterprise keep up-to date and smartly and quickly integrate that as part of your cloud network architecture. Terraform will not magically do this. This again is job of Networking and Security teams to provide this guidance to DevOps/Terraform/automation teams but having a well thought out architectural framework that makes this possible is key.

Platform like Aviatrix makes your Terraform shine by providing a Central control point for all Terraform/automation needs across Tenants, regions and clouds. It gives Cloud IT time back so they can focus on bringing business efficiencies rather than getting too bogged down in managing Cloud networking infrastructure.

These are early days for public clouds but few things are certain;

  • Unprecedented Scale of workloads in the Cloud
  • Operational complexity will continue to rise and
  • Multiple clouds would be leveraged to consume best services cloud provider has to offer.

Any short sighted decisions will only result in pains that will exponentially grow..


Contact us to see how Aviatrix is helping find those answers and empowering Enterprises to take control <https://www.aviatrix.com>

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