Cloud Solution Architect / Engineer Interview Questions and LAB for Career Growth

A lot of you are learning Public Cloud and Public Networking. We have some LAB topologies that will help you learn Cloud Networking at your own pace. These LABs should also help you during job interviews, especially when you are applying at Aviatrix. I cannot give you better hint than this 😉

You can pick your favorite cloud and should go deep in one Cloud first. I would suggest starting with AWS.

LAB1 - AWS Networking 101



LAB1 Objective

  1. Create 5 VPCs in an AWS Region
  2. Create one smallest instance in each Prod, Shared, and Dev VPC (so a total of three)
  3. Make sure that these three VMs can ping to each other using Private IPs
  4. Use native peering to connect those VPCs
  5. Deploy a Palo Alto VM in Transit VPC
  6. Make sure you can access Palo Alto VM using its public IP address from your desktop/laptop
  7. Make sure all 3 instances (in Prod, Shared, and Dev VPCs) can ping the Palo Alto ping using its private IP address
  8. Make sure your instances in Prod, Shared, and Dev VPC can ping any Internet site (like aviatrix.com or github.com) using the Palo Alto Firewall
  9. Make sure the instance in Management VPC can ping any Internet site (such as aviatrix.com or gitbub.com) using the AWS Internet GW (IGW) deployed inside the Management VPC

LAB2 - Multi-Cloud Networking 101

This lab is about simplifying your cloud and multi-cloud networking using Aviatrix. Follow the LAB detailed here using Aviatrix Sandbox Starter Tool


  • All the cost associated with running and deploying these labs is your responsibility including but not limited to cost incurred by CSPs and Aviatrix.
  • You should shut down the instances or even delete all the resources if the cost is a concern for you
  • You may also use services like https://www.parkmycloud.com to schedule or automatically shut down your lab
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