CloudWan and CloudN

Hello All,

I am already read documentation about both items, however I have some doubts to make difference between two terms and based some topology.

CloudWAN -> It related specific feature that can manage device remotely ( Cisco Routers ) via Aviatrix Controller, as well as will have some benefits based if you contracted with AWS ( for example ) Global Accelerator. However, is it necessary to install something to make this deploy or can be considered only feature associated inside Aviatrix Dashboard?

CloudN -> It related Aviatrix virtualization router can be deploy in DC via hypervisor or bare metal, in order to make connection of this router with gateway on the cloud doing a IPSEC or HPE if there is necessity connection, being managed by Aviatrix Controller. 

Is it correct approach for it? The big difference CloudWAN is feature associated inside Controller? 🤔

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  • CloudWAN: Also works with Azure FrontDoor. No special config required. Azure is more advance here in the sense that it takes care of low latency routing automatically.

    No need to install anything beside Controller. Everything works out of the box, in seconds.

    CloudN: Comes in two form factors.

    1. Hardware Appliance
    2. Virtual Machine

    CloudN Hardware Appliance is installed in the on-prem DC or colo facility. Provides near line rate encryption for DX and ER circuits.

    CloudN VM form factor caters migration use-case from on-prem into Cloud.

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