Why Aviatrix for Google Cloud Services?

About Aviatrix

Aviatrix is the leading vendor of Secure Multi-cloud Networking.

The Draw of Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform has a plethora of unique and cutting services, The Google account teams are eager to sell companies on these services and solution plays targeting different industry verticals.

Google is a leader in:

Their market share and notable customer list continues to grow.

Why Aviatrix for Google Cloud Platform?

Aviatrix has a very strong technical platform, enabling consistent architecture, automated lifecycle and deployment, and high performance encryption, to name a few. Our technology is fantastic and a credit to our PM and Engineering teams, but what does that mean to the business?

Aviatrix brings business value

Accelerate your Digital Transformation by reducing ramp up time, downtime, and risk.

  • Go to Cloud faster and drive innovation that leads to growth
    • The network is crucial but doesn't drive revenue directly. Deploying network resources, especially in different Clouds, takes time and reduces velocity on other dependent revenue-generating projects.
    • Aviatrix designs are similar cross cloud, reducing the amount of time spent in design sessions. Architects can quickly design the network and move on to the projects that interest the Business.
    • Aviatrix deployment practices are the same across Clouds. The same Terraform code and scripts will work regardless of where the deployment is. Engineer time is saved on duplicate effort and can be reassigned to revenue generating workloads.
    • Aviatrix enables engineers to quickly handle Mergers and Acquisition scenarios without special configuration or new training.
    • Aviatrix enables fast, consistent onboarding of B2B customers and new branches.
  • Reduce the Talent Gap and increase Engineer efficiency.
    • Companies will use different products and services for their use case to drive revenue. Choosing a Cloud or additional Cloud is no different.
    • With each new Cloud, there are new challenges. Cloud Networking is different across the major Cloud providers and certainly different from the on-premise datacenter.
    • Aviatrix provides a single pane of glass to a platform that abstracts many of the networking differences amongst CSPs, reducing ramp up time and training costs. An engineer's Aviatrix experience is the same in any cloud, making them faster at what they need to do.
    • Aviatrix ACE trainings are available to quickly bring engineers up to speed on the Platform and the Cloud Provider networking options. These trainings are ideal for on-prem Network Engineers to quickly gain experience and contribute in Cloud.
    • Reduction in risk by reducing complications due to differing Cloud features.
  • Gain Visibility and Operational Efficiency
    • Network Support can be a challenge. Cloud Networking is frequently worse due to the visibility within the CSP network. Meantime to Resolution lengthens, leading to inefficiency and slow downs in projects.
    • Aviatrix provides the tooling to visualize your Cloud Network, across Clouds and through to your physical Network Edge. When your Engineers can see all the traffic across the network, they can solve problems much faster.
    • Aviatrix visibility data reduces time spent with the CSPs. If your engineers need to call CSP support, the historic and present data is there, ready for troubleshooting.  Problems are solved, business is unblocked.
    • Aviatrix support engineers are experts at tracking down problems within the network.
  • Reduction in Business Risk and improvement in Compliance
    • Cloud Network proximity to the Internet provides opportunity for confidential data to be made available to parties that shouldn't have access to it.
    • Without proper controls, it is trivial for an Engineer to make a crucial internal service accessible externally, intentionally or not.
    • Malware can carelessly be installed on Cloud resources and can contact Command and Control Centers unnoticed.
    • Aviatrix controls and audits the Cloud Network. We maintain routing tables in all CSPs to ensure that Public access is restricted per corporate standards. Unexpected changes are quickly detected and reported for fast remediation.
    • Aviatrix checks all Public traffic against lists of known bad actors. When such access is detected, it is reported and can be automatically blocked. Blocking C&C Centers makes malware useless for data theft.
    • Aviatrix can regionally restrict access to resources. If a resource is only for US customers, we can block the rest of the world, reducing attack surface and risk.
    • Aviatrix automatically encrypts all traffic between the Gateways, reducing the risk of interception. This encryption requires no configuration on the Engineer side.
    • Aviatrix enables separation of sensitive workloads, such as PCI or HIPPA.


Full consideration of your Google Cloud Platform lifecycle is crucial to reducing pain to the business. Aviatrix plays a key role in the full lifecycle from initial Design to post-Production troubleshooting to future requirements. Aviatrix enables teams to be more observant and efficient, ultimately saving money for the Business in labor and data exfiltration.

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