"Lets talk cloud networking - unscripted" - Tea podcast with Nauman Mustafa and John Gonsalves

Main podcast site: https://anchor.fm/netjoints


EP23 - Cloud is a “Ferrari like experience” for your business, but you must know when to slow down to go FAST ” – with special guest Atta Meer, Global Network & Network Security Architecture Lead at T

Takeda is a R&D driven, biopharmaceutical leader with a global presence. In this podcast, we got together with experienced cloud transformation leader Atta Meer to learn about his personal cloud journey and lessons learned from various cloud projects. Atta also provided great insights on how enterprises and Manage service providers (MSP’s) should be ramping up cloud networking skills of their staff.

Some key points:

-  Amazon Web Services (AWS) created something amazing years ago that allowed research-oriented pharma companies like Takeda to leverage on-demand infrastructure elasticity at the pace of opportunity. There are always new research happening that requires time bound compute/storage and there is no way traditional DC’s can match the business efficiency of CSP.

- Cloud consumption overall is growing at a tremendous pace with new use cases evolving every day

- #Aviatrix is an off-the-shelve platform that has made life tremendously simple for cloud networking and operations team whether business is using single cloud or multiple. Explore it to appreciate how connectivity b/w regions and clouds and to on-prem has evolved dramatically from early days.

Result is: rapid expansion and better healthcare. Operational pains are biggest inhibitor to business agility in cloud.

- How #Aviatrix service insertion policy framework has helped build an operationally supportable and manageable secure environment with redundancy and high availability.

Result is: Always ON, secure, compliant, auditable infrastructure

- Instead of managing hundreds of complex scripts that are prone to human errors, how Aviatrix helps make the most of Terraform by improving codebase, do it better, cheaper and in less time with added day2 ops and visibility

Result is: Do more with less with

- Modern business needs demand a multi-cloud network architecture [MCNA] even if business is currently dominant in a single cloud.

- In terms of employees skills, 3 prong approach that has worked for him to : 1)Hire new talent, 2) upgrade existing employee skills as they have the tribal knowledge and 3) leverage partner/MSPs where it makes sense.

- Atta advise all customers, partners, MSPs to at least have minimum of 2 certifications in cloud networking. 1. Aviatrix Certified Engineer (to know constructs of each cloud and where the gap exists) &  2. CSP practitioner level certification from any CSP such as AWS and Azure. He even recommends High school students to do ACE-associate to understand the lay of the cloud networking land.




EP22 - Black swan events lurking in your cloud network - Are you prepared ? - with cloud guru and evangelist Karthik Balachandran


EP22 - "Black swan event lurking in your cloud network - Are you prepared?"

Karthik Balachandran is a cloud guru with 12+ years of priceless experience helping customers with their cloud journey. Over the years, Karthik has witnessed various customer approaches and strategy shifts to maximize ROI in cloud.



EP21- EMEA cloud learnings and why Azure is first choice in a rapidly evolving multi-cloud region ” - with EMEA cloud networking experts IDES VANNEUVILLE and DENNIS HAGENS


In EP21 we got together with Ides and Dennis to talk about EMEA cloud trends and some lessons learned from customers cloud journey in the region. Key points include:

Why Azure is first choice CSP for majority large enterprises in the region  How EMEA landscape has rapidly evolved from single cloud mindset to embracing multi-cloud  Connectivity to mainland China is a key trend with some large EMEA customers Advise for cloud architects to "zoom out", take a step back and look at big picture on how cloud needs to be architected for current and future business needs How Partner landscape is evolving with a new breed evolving b/w two extremes of legacy on-prem partners and csp-native, DIY only type partners. "Go-build ourselves" mindset works early on when application footprint is small but as complexity increases as environment grows, customers focus has shifted to "consuming" partner product , such as Aviatrix, that makes life easier allowing business to focus on cloud agility.

Hope you enjoy.



EP 20 “Aviatrix provides bulletproof reliability, critical to aviation business ” - with special guest STEFFEN WAGNER (Sr. Enterprise Architect at Lufthansa Systems)

Myself and John Gonsalves just recorded our 20th episode of "Lets talk cloud networking - unscripted" and who better person than Steffen Wagner from Lufthansa systems to join us and share his personal cloud journey and lessons learned from leveraging #azurecloud #gcpcloud #awscloud as DC's are getting rapidly evacuated.

Key points:

1. Cloud needs are evolving rapidly and CEO/CIO/business leaders want you to "architect a future proof cloud" as all requirements are NOT known today".

2. Cloud customers maturity has evolved from using CSP as just IaaS provider to helping business with faster application delivery and enable speed of innovation against competition.

3. How moving to cloud has significantly help IT take control back and better respond to business needs.

4. Abstract as much as possible in cloud and be careful of getting locked into CSP specific solutions such as Azure vWAN, AWS TGW, GCP NCC etc.. This will complex-ify operations and hinder your flexibility to move your apps in the cloud your business/customer wants.

5. #aviatrix active/active resiliency and centralized management/visibility plane with intelligent routing across regions, clouds and on-prem allows for bulletproof stability critical to aviation business.

Negative Consequence:  Without Aviatrix, even small outages could result in flight cancellations and millions of revenue loss.

6. Your app developers wants networking/security to get out of their way and Aviatrix provides self-service way to "consume" as part of their app delivery lifecycle.

7. Follow a "multi-cloud" and "Cloud-First but not ONLY" strategy as small portion of apps may not be ready to be move to cloud. Take time to refactor and optimize to realize true benefits.

Hope you enjoy.



EP19 - "Doing Cloud with on-prem approach and vendors is a proven recipe for failure" - 10 min advise for Financial Services Industry (FSI) customers from John Gonsalves

Some key points:

1. Doing Cloud with on-prem approach and relying on legacy on-prem vendors is a proven recipe for failure. Listen to what Johbn witnessed does NOT work in cloud.

2. What every customer specifically FSI customers expects their cloud vendors to articulate very crisply:

*** What business problem your technology is solving ?

*** Describe the business value that can be derived as an outcome

*** How much does it cost.

3. Business agility and security are 2 top goals for FSI customers in the cloud. i.e. How can I get "Accelerated business growth" and "how do you reduce my risk" by aligning my security posture to global regulatory requirements.

Listen to how Aviatrix helps customers achieve this.

4. Do it right, Do it the first time to gain competitive advantage




EP18 - "How Aviatrix created that "Aha" moment for driverless vehicle technology leader Easy Mile" - Listen to DevSecOps Tech leader Razvan Matei

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available.

#EasyMile is a pioneer in connected vehicles space with award winning driverless technology and with operations in 40+ countries. Cloud is critical for these technologies to work and having a reliable, low latency network is essential. For early adopters, cloud expect customers to fail fast as picking the right tool and platform is directly tied to agility and exponential business benefits.

In this episode, we get together with Razvan Matei , an early adopters in cloud and currently working as DevSecOps lead @ EasyMile Cloud R&D group. Razvan shared his cloud journey, lessons learned and insights that connected technology customers must consider.

Some key points:

- Data is the new oil and for connected objects technology, a reliable, low latency network is essential.

-Networking in cloud is like water pipes in a house, that when it breaks all hell break lose directly impacting safety, security, obstacle detection etc.

- How having a unified, coherent, consistent and secure global transit with Aviatrix helped open up new business opportunities and relieved the burden on cloud teams letting them focus on core business.

-Point of presence closest to vehicles is extremely important and no matter how ubiquitous or better one cloud is, customer expects vendors to make their offering available everywhere for performance and data sovereignty reasons and hence multi-cloud is a must have architecture for businesses.

-Lastly, every cloud is built different in functionality and semantics are different which no cloud team can handle so abstraction and uniformity that Aviatrix provides is absolutely essential.



EP17 - Understanding Cloud cost from Networking and Security perspective and how to convince your CFO - with Aviatrix architects James Devine and Saad Mirza

Cost was never top of mind for on-prem networking/security/cloud architects but its an important design pillar in cloud. In this episode, we discussed with James Devine and Saad Mirza from #aviatrix on how infrastructure teams and architects needs to change their mental model when looking at network/security cost and where compromises does not make sense.

Some key points:

1. Be comfortable with not having a clear picture of your OPEX as you start you journey. In fact, your cost could very well be higher but additional benefits are well worth it. Cost is not the only reason why businesses are moving to the cloud.

2. Understand the data transfer cost e.g. when accessing a recording from S3 bucket to prove out a financial transaction

3. Understand CSPs savings plans and use them as much as possible.

4. Don't take shortcuts and settle for sub-optimal architecture just b/c of cost factor. In the end, you will end up paying lot more. How platforms like Aviatrix helps business realize rapid ROI and allow them to unlock new revenue streams.

5. Convincing CIO/CFO on funding and why sometimes "risk of not having something" is more impactful explanation than "benefit of having something"

Hope you enjoy.




EP16 "Don't allow CSP to lock you in. Dig deeper and evaluate" _ with very special guest Jennifer Reed from D3Clarity [formerly ViqtorDavis]

Exciting episode this... Jennifer Reed is a highly trusted and well respected cloud professional. She is also founding member of D3clarity [formerly ViqtorDavis] who have been helping enterprise customers with their cloud journey for # of years now. 

In this episode, Jennifer shares her fascinating career journey starting from being in US Marin Corp to then working in very diverse technology roles and eventually becoming a trusted cloud networking and security  professional assisting many large enterprise customers.

Some key points:

1. Why taking an architectural approach is so critical in a rapidly evolving cloud world.

2. Why CSR's doesn't work in cloud. 

3. Jennifer also talked about D3clarity specialization in working with heavily regulated industries helping customers all the way from cloud migration to a fully secure, compliant and high available cloud infrastructure.

4. Advise to Netsec professionals : Learn at least one cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle] and do ACE trainings to get ramped on cloud networking quickly https://aviatrix.com/ace/

5. Key message : Never let a CSP lock you in. Ask deeper questions on various traffic flows and how to secure connections b/w various regions , cloud and on-prem. 

6. Jennifer view of how Aviatrix brings flexibility, security, repeatability and visibility as key value adds to enterprise cloud environments.. 

Enjoy !! 



EP15 “ Rise of SaaS in cloud and why #Aviatrix is becoming key for SaaS providers” - with Principal Solutions Architect Barry Li

In this podcast, Barry shares his experience and lessons learned working with some of the prominent #SaaS vendors who are leveraging Aviatrix as their foundational platform for variety of needs.

Some of the key points covered include:

- 6 Key requirements from SaaS vendors hosting their offering in cloud.

- How Aviatrix is making it easy for SaaS vendors to operationalize their offering in cloud and making it future proof.

-Why Security cannot be overlooked and importance of architecture?

- Meeting End Customers where they want SaaS providers to meet them is crucial to business expansion.

- How Aviatrix is solving complex end-customer onboarding and complex overlapping IP address scenarios.

If you are a SaaS provider or a partner helping SaaS Vendor manage their offerings in cloud, you would find this very useful.

Enjoy !!



EP14 - Networking is cool again, if you can unlearn and relearn it in Cloud - with DC networking legend and AWS cloud expert Brad Hedlund

Networking is cool again, if you can unlearn and relearn it in Cloud - with DC networking legend and AWS cloud expert Brad Hedlund



EP13 “How Cloud is helping businesses realize THE ART OF POSSIBLE and importance of Cloud Network Architecture” - with special guest LEON N’ GUETTA [Managing Director@ VDC.cloud 

Leon N’Guetta leads the VDC.cloud’s growing UK and globally dispersed team as the Owner, Managing Director & Certified Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Expert. In this episode, we get together with Leon to learn about his interesting journey in transforming his business to cloud. We also discussed how cloud has made them realize "The Art of possible" with elastic, on-demand infrastructure and cloud services at finger tips. 

Below are some key points he shared:

1. Importance of Cloud Network architecture and why leveraging multiple clouds to use best of breed services is key

2. Power of Cloud marketplace in  value creation and ability to quickly bring ideas to life by spinning up solutions almost instantly in cloud.

3. Why he thinks "Aviatrix Certified Engineer"  (ACE) program is key for cloud network/security architects to build enterprise grade networks.

4. Customers are desperately looking for skilled partners who knows cloud really well and can act as prescriptive, trusted advisors.


As Aviatrix trusted partner, VDC.cloud is rapidly expanding their customer footprint and becoming trusted advisors for customers especially in Legal, Finance and Insurance sectors along with helping SaaS vendors manage their offerings in the cloud - https://vdc.cloud/

Enjoy the podcast !!!




EP12 - "How do you pick the right partner for your cloud journey ? Choose wisely as your success depends on it " - with special guest Justin Donohoo [Founder and CTO @ Observian]

Justin Donohoo is the Founder and CTO Observian & most knowledgeable when it comes to app modernization, cloud migration, cloud security & big data. A trusted advisor with real world cloud experience that is gold when it comes to helping customers with their cloud journey.

In this episode, we talked about his cloud journey, customer lessons learned & how Observian is helping enterprises in this rapidly evolving cloud space. Some key points:

* Importance of "safe and repeatable architectures" & why lack of automation is detrimental.
* If your leadership doesn't empower you to fail fast and experiment, your cloud journey is going to suck.
* How does #VMWare Tanzu compares with CSP offerings, #GKE#Anthos#awscloud EKS, #azurecloud AKS, Arc etc..
*Status quo is existential threat to businesses. 
* Why he sees #aviatrix as critical part of modern cloud architectures
* How Cloud is making lines blurrier b/w traditional "paper-pusher" partner model , MSP & Pro services.
* Why traditional partners are being excluded from future strategic conversations

Enjoy !!



EP11 - Why DevOps engineers loves Aviatrix ? and how Network/Security roles need to pair with DevOps to form CloudOps - with special guest and Sr. DevOps engineer John Smoker !!

Abstract: John Smoker is an experience DevOps engineer and infrastructure architect with solid command on cloud technologies, infrastructure as code, cloud patterns, and automation. Prior to joining Aviatrix, John was a customer leveraging Aviatrix as part of his CI/CD application delivery in the cloud. He loved it so much, that he ended up joining Aviatrix and now helping customers who are looking for guidance in their cloud journey:

In episode 11, we touch some key topics around:

  • Role of DevOps engineer and why it was formed in the first place.

  • How Aviatrix helps DevOps engineers bring necessary design attributes around security, availability, visibility and operational simplicity while not compromising on Agility.

  • Evolving Role of on-prem Networking and Security engineers in cloud and how they must tag team with DevOps to build Modern CloudOps for their businesses.

We loved the learning and hope you will find it useful too.



EP10- "Secret behind AWS Success and how Aviatrix helps" - with special guest and AWS cloud networking expert James Devine


James Devine is AWS Networking expert who recently joined Aviatrix as Principal Solutions Architect. In EP10, we go together with James to get his views on reasons behind AWS wild success. We also talked about how Aviatrix cloud networking platform makes Customer's AWS experience more impactful, secure and enterprise grade. There is also some thought provoking discussions on why world needs "modern breed of CIO/CTO's " to drive innovation strategy of the future and how VMware VMoAWS type strategy may help provide a "DRaaS to cloud" as a starting point for many enterprises who are not ready to jump to cloud or want a intermediate solution for workloads not yet in cloud.



EP9 -"Don't be afraid of Cloud; Embrace to Innovate" - with special guest and Head of Corp Networks at Inmarsat - Daniel Swan

Abstract: This week we got together with Head of Corp Networks at Inmarsat to talk about their cloud journey. Sone key points we covered include:

Why it's important for business leaders to fail fast to succeed faster.  We talked about speed of innovation and simplicity as the key tenets to strive for in the cloud.  Dan also touched on how critical Aviatrix has been for their cloud strategy allowing them to consume services in each cloud [AWS/Azure,GCP/OCI] Lastly how Dan navigated through up-skilling his teams to be effective in cloud world and role of Aviatrix ACE in doing this



EP8 - What is Azure X-factor behind their rapid growth and Is your Azure deployment multi-cloud ready ? -with Aviatrix Principal Architects and Microsoft global networking black belts Bryan Ashely & Manny Calero. 

Abstract: In this episode we got together with Aviatrix Principal Architects and  former Microsoft global networking black belts Bryan Ashley and Manny Calero to discuss:

- What is Azure x-factor behind their rapid growth?

- How do customers ensure their  Azure deployment is multi-cloud ready ?

- Customer trends, common pain points and lessons learned

- Key takeaways to get the best out of cloud deployments

Hope you find it useful.



EP7 - Government sector - Observations and 3 key takeaways,  with special guest Jason Langone

Abstract: You would surprised with pace of innovation that public clouds have enabled when it comes to Govt and public sector. 

Listen to industry expert Jason Langone as he shares his observations and key trends in Govt. and public sector space.



EP 6 - Healthcare sector - Cloud networking trends, with special guest Phil Davis


Abstract: Healthcare vertical is seeing massive digital transformation and cloud has indeed enabled customers to innovate faster.

Phil Davis is top cloud architect that has been closely working with several healthcare customers. In this episode Phil shares his experience and lessons learned.



EP 5 - Cloud security is not a shared-responsibility.  Its yours !! 3-takeaways with special guest Shahzad-Ali

Abstract: Organizations questioning have changed from  "Is Cloud secure" to "Are we using cloud securely". As enterprises mature with better understanding of how their data flows in and out of CSP infra, realization is kicking in that at the end of the day, cloud security is customers responsibility. It must be protected with a sound security posture and at multiple levels. 

In this episode, John Gonsalves and Nauman Mustafa chat with lead architect Shahzad Ali on what he is learning from various customers who are experiencing this first hand and continuously optimization their cloud security strategy.



EP 4 - Cloud "Build vs Buy" and what is CloudNative+ ?

Abstract: 1.Enterprises moving to cloud face this build vs buy dilemma and how smart customers addressing it. 2. What is CloudNative+ and why it’s the most optimal approach



EP 3 -Whats happening to SD-WAN and why its losing relevance ?

Abstract:  Very interesting discussion talking about the harsh reality of SD-WAN being a diminishing technology. There were some thought provoking questions from Nauman and John and insights were provided by Dana Yanch, former pioneer architect in the SDWAN world and now a Principal engineer at Aviatrix.



EP2 - Career transformation tips for Cloud Networking/Security Professionals

Abstract: Talk with industry experts and principal cloud architects Shahzad Ali, Dana Yanch and Hammad Alam about their journey to the Cloud and what tips and recommendations they have to fast track their skills in cloud to support their businesses.



EP1 -Cloud networking lessons learned 

Abstract: Nauman and John talks about state of cloud and the importance of cloud networking and security in the digital modernization world.\




About the hosts:

John Gonsalves : jgonsalves@aviatrix.com

I joined Aviatrix as a Principal Field Evangelist in January 2021 to partner and build relationships with top customers as well as peers at AWS, Azure and GCP helping to pave the way for the future of networking and security in public clouds. Prior to joining Aviatrix, I spent the past 20 years at Citigroup as the Global Head of Network Engineering. Most of my career has been in strategic leadership roles working for large financial enterprises helping drive innovation and adoption of next generation technologies  


Nauman Mustafa: nmustafa@aviatrix.com

Vice President Solutions Engineering and Architecture @ Aviatrix. I run a world class team of cloud networking black belts with a goal to enable  enterprise customers succeed in cloud, unlocking exponential business benefits that cloud promises. Prior to Aviatrix and learning the CSP world (AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle and AliCloud), I had a very rewarding and successful career at VMware and Cisco in various leadership roles.




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