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ACE Trainings
I got certified in #multicloud networking and learned about networking in the #publiccloud. The training also covered multi-cloud network architecture with @Aviatrix, which provides a unified data and control plane that enables better operations across multiple cloud providers. I'd recommend this training, free with code TOPGUNS --> https://aviatrix.com/ace-multicloud-networking-training/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=event-training
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE

Aviatrix Policy-Based Egress FQDN Filtering Solution 
Download this Egress Filtering Validated Designs doc to learn about @Aviatrix #multicloud network design, helpful for those building their cloud network infrastructure in #AWS, #Azure, #GCP, and #OCI --> https://aviatrix.com/aviatrix-policy-based-egress-fqdn-filtering-solution/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=whitepaper
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #AviatrixValidatedDesigns #publiccloud #enterpriseit #egressfiltering

Aviatrix TechTalk Tuesdays
Join @Aviatrix for TechTalk Tuesday where principal architects discuss common networking issues and share insight into how to address them. A new topic is addressed each week! --> https://aviatrix.com/techtalks/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=techtalks
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #AviatrixTechTalks #enterpriseit #publiccloud

Aviatrix Transit
Transit is the foundation of any cloud network. With the @Aviatrix enterprise-class transit you gain visibility, control, network intelligence, and #multicloud optionality. Go see why hundreds of enterprise cloud teams are choosing #AviatrixTransit --> https://aviatrix.com/aviatrix-transit/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=transit
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE

Aviatrix YouTube
Interested in public cloud networking? @Aviatrix queued up some great content for you to watch on YouTube --> https://www.youtube.com/c/AviatrixSystems/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=video
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #multicloud #publiccloud

Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Aviatrix Cloud Network Platform 
Do you have workloads in #Azure? Read this #AviatrixValidatedDesigns to learn how @Aviatrix addresses Windows Virtual Desktop Challenges in Azure Cloud --> https://aviatrix.com/azure-windows-virtual-desktop-wvd-on-aviatrix-cloud-network-platform/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=whitepaper
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE

Customer Flight Plans: The Journey to Multi-Cloud
Check out "Customer Flight Plans: The Journey to Multi-Cloud," where Aviatrix CEO Steve Mullaney teams up with innovative cloud architects and executives for an entertaining and in-depth look into the future of enterprise infrastructure in the cloud. --> https://aviatrix.com/featured-customers/flight-plans/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=flightplans
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #AviatrixFlightPlans #multicloud #publiccloud

Multi-Cloud Networking: The Future of Multi-Cloud Networking
Curious what Enterprise IT staff are saying about multi-cloud networking and the approaches available for security, automation, and operational visibility? Download the free Futuriom report sponsored by @Aviatrix to learn more --> https://aviatrix.com/multi-cloud-network-market-research/?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=research-brief
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #multicloud #publiccloud #enterpriseit

The Network Architect's Guide to Multi-Cloud Networking
Is your network ready for #multicloud? Download this eBook from @Aviatrix to learn how cloud and network architects are critical as enterprises move to the public cloud, building on foundational best practices for multi-cloud network architecture and operations --> https://pages.aviatrix.com/ebook-network_architect_guide_multi-cloud.html?utm_medium=community_u&utm_source=top_guns&utm_campaign=top_guns&utm_content=ebook
#AviatrixTopGun #AviatrixACE #publiccloud #enterpriseit

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