Cloud Networking & Security Limitations

AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI each have unique capabilities and features when it comes to cloud networking and security.  The tools and mechanisms for creating architectures within each of these clouds vary per provider, and each of these tools has limitations that customers must be aware of when using native constructs.  These limitations are constantly changing so it is important for network and security engineers to understand what limitations each provider imposes as both hard and soft limits.

Unfortunately, not all limitations are documented and if they are, they can be scattered across documentation sites.  This can make it challenging for customers to proactively know what limitations they may run into during a design phase and can often result in a re-architecture effort if these limits are hit later in the cloud journey.

Aviatrix provides an abstraction level for customers to overcome many of these native limitations however, it is still important for customers to understand what these limitations are.  Below is a list of URLs which can help customers understand some of the common native construct limitations for the major cloud providers.

Azure Subscription and Service Limits


Oracle OCI Service Limits


AWS Service Limits

GCP Service Limits

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