An Introduction to the Public Cloud and Public Cloud Networking

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Public cloud

This is a data center managed by a Cloud Service Provider, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, or OCI. The public cloud is a shared infrastructure running thousands of clients. While this allows CSPs to get their services to the most amount of people, this can also open up potential security concerns.

On-Prem DC

Although the public cloud is gaining popularity, on-prem data centers still exist. These on-prem data centers are typically for only one client, and are managed by the client themselves. Because of this, on-prem data centers are very secure.

Private Cloud

The private cloud is a data center with a software defined layer, essentially mimicking the public cloud. However, there are lots of differences between the public cloud and the private cloud, because although some basic features overlap, such as the use of automation, the services in the private cloud fall behind those of the public cloud.

The public cloud provides many advanced services in the IoT space, the container space, and in so many more aspects.

The private cloud has more similarities between the on-prem DC than the public cloud.


How Networking Works in the Public Cloud

  1. The CSP’s pick a region to build their DC.
  2. Next, they pick an Availability Zone located in the region.
  3. The AZ’s hold the actual, physical data centers.
    1. This prevents issues because there are multiple data centers, so one can take over if another has a problem.

For more information, watch the video above.

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