Operations Visibility and Trouble Shooting in the Public Cloud

What are some operational challenges within public cloud? 

For any additional questions, check the Operations, Visibility, and Troubleshooting FAQ post.

Evidential Data 

  • When working with Cloud Service Providers customers often struggle to prove the providers faults/issues 

Unfamiliar Toolset

  • Native cloud lacks familiar tools like ping, packet capture, and trace route 

Blackbox – No visibility 

  • Native cloud constructs want users to believe that everything is always under control, and provide no visibility into logs, current state, routing tables, etc. 

Infrastructure as code 

  • Solves agility problem but creates a support issue as tier-1 is not able to trouble shoot code problems  

A Flat World in Public Cloud

  • Lack of hierarchy in the cloud, which means it’s hard to insert security, control, and visibility 

Tier-3 Becomes Tier-1 

  • Frontline support teams don’t have the skill and tools in public cloud, requiring senior network engineers to assist with most support issues 

Scaling Out 

  • Problems occur when the architecture scales out because it grows complex and becomes hard to troubleshoot 


What is Aviatrix doing to solve these issues? 

Aviatrix CoPilot 

  • CoPilot dashboard provides complete visibility into your cloud operations 

  • Shows which gateways are down 

  • Provides map of where resources are being deployed 

  • Virtual data center rundown (regions) 

  • Percentage of gateways deployed per cloud 

  • Gives ability to visualize topology  

    • Where the resources are 

    • How resources are connected 

    • Are they under compliance? 

    • Users can customize what they want to see within their cloud 

    • Can see all the information about gateways and run diagnostics 

  • Flow IQ 

    • Categorizes and filters traffic 

    • Graphs provide ability to drill down into specific issues 

    • Geolocation puts all the traffic intelligence onto a map so users can easily visualize 


Even for very simple issues such as connectivity between instances, the troubleshooting process is extremely long. FlightPath is a feature in the controller that provides users with a report of what happens between the instances. 

Packet Capture 

  • You can select the gateway and the host, and you receive a report of what is happening with the transfer 

  • We provide the option to download this as a pcap file 

Role Based Access Control 

  • You can create different roles based on different personas 

  • You can assign access to specific resources for different teams 

Multi-Cloud & Multi-Account 

  • Single pane of glass to manage all cloud accounts 

  • Support for AWS, Azure, GCP, etc using the same workflows, technology, and tools 

  • Periodic account audits VPC Tracker  

  • VPC report  

  • Helps users manage network CIDR ranges in one place 

  • No gateway launches required 

  • On demand test to detect overlapping CIDR’s before creating new one  

Showback Functionality 

  • Shows deployment per account 

  • Use case is to gain visibility of the Aviatrix usage per each account and helps to charge back to teams who are part of deployment 

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    Since it supports multi cloud, what if VPC's have overlapping IP's already and user wants to add as part of transit communication(transit networking) between different VPC's of different CSP's???

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