Multi-Cloud Transit Routing and Networking

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The cloud providers allow VNet Peering when it comes to native VPCs or the VNet, which leads to problems with scale, as this model promotes a full mesh structure. This is because the VPC’s are not transitive, and thus leads to more complexities and difficulties when managing and updating the routes. Ultimately, there is no network correctness.

Currently, only AWS and Azure have transit solutions, and even those come with a handful of limitations.


AWS provides the AWS Transit Gateway as its solution. There is a lack of visibility as users are not able to log into the software and control the security or even create two TGW’s in one region.

In Azure

Azure has multiple transit solutions, such as the ER Edge Router, the Azure Firewall, and the Virtual WAN, but each solution has its own specific limitations as well, such as a lack of visibility.

Non-Aviatrix 3rd Party Transit Network solutions

Despite there being other 3rd party transit network solutions on the market, such as Cisco and Palo Alto Networks, none of them come close to making transitive routing easier.

Users must manage the IPSec Tunnel with a throughput dependent on 1.25GBps per tunnel. Furthermore, instance sizes are not in the enterprise’s control and the BGP must also be managed by the user. All of these additional burdens just continue to increase the complexities and decrease the network correctness.

Characteristics of Aviatrix Transit Architecture

Similar to a house, the foundation of this architecture must be secure and strong. This means that the architecture must be well rounded, secure and encrypted, and centrally managed.

  1. The Aviatrix controller manages the interactions and builds the transit in a matter of minutes.
  2. This transit can be made throughout all CSPs.
  3. Enterprises can use CoPilot to get the maximum visibility in one centralized area.


BGP Route Appoval is an example of Network Correctness

This feature allows users to approve any BGP-learned route from on-prem into the cloud network.

For more information, watch the video above.

Or, go on this link.

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