Terraform Limitations and Choke Points?

How are you and your teams approaching Terraform in general. Terraform is great in certain use-cases but I want to hear what are the limitations and choke points in using Terraform? What are the things it cannot really do?

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  • Hi.

    Are you asking in general or with regards to Aviatrix setup?

    • Miroslav Shakhmaykin This is in general. The idea is to get feedback from networking and cloud community using Terraform. Any tips, best practices or suggestions are welcome so all can benefit and don't repeat the same mistakes.

    • Shahzad Ali I see.

      Well, I'd say migrate to 0.12 ASAP if you haven't done it yet. If you did, please use all the features it offers.
      One big tricky example is using iterative resources  - substitute "count" with "for_each" in all possible places.
      For_each creates a map structure in the TF state, so when one object is deleted, others remain intact. Count creates a list, and when one object in the middle is gone, all other objects' indices shift one position and ofter it causes Terraform to recreate them.

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    • Miroslav Shakhmaykin Thanks appreciate you taking time and writing about it. It is definitely helpful.

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