High Performance Encryption

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A typical data center or cloud deployment can be divided into different planes. For an enterprise, using AWS Direct Connect and Azure Express Route works to connect the data center to the cloud without encryption. To encrypt this connection, users have the option to create an IPSec Tunnel which limits the throughput to only 1.25Gbps. This is a problem in cases where the customer purchases a 10G Direct Connect Circuit/ExpressRoute, but is only able to utilize 1.25Gbps of it, which is immensely smaller than it should be.

Aviatrix has a method of encryption without the limitations of the IPSec Tunnel, called High Performance Encryption. HPE is able to accomplish this by utilizing all the CPU cores, which achieves line rate encryption throughput.

This HPE is integrated into the Transit Network solution by building a high performance encryption tunnel over private network links.

For more information, watch the video above.

Or, go on this link.

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