ACE Associate Self Paced Learning Resources

ACE team offers ACE Multi-Cloud Network certification training in various locations across the globe. Due to the high demand of ACE certification, we are pleased to announce that the ACE Associate curriculum is now available on-line. Students can now self study and take the test online.

The following are topics that are covered in the ACE Associate Exam.

  • For the ACE Associate course, the LABs are optional but highly recommended
  • It is student's responsibility to pay for the lab/instances/controller and all the associated cost
  • There is no physical gear required for these labs
  • LABs can be done in AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI or mix of any clouds mentioned here
  • Students can use their personal Cloud account or their company/corporate provided cloud accounts to deploy an practice the lab
    • Please refer to your own company guidelines and policy
    • Aviatrix is not responsible and cannot be held liable for running these labs

After completing the course, you will receive a course completion certificate. Follow the instructions to schedule the ACE exam – upon passing the exam you will receive your ACE certificate.

What is ACE? 

  • The Aviatrix Certified Engineer (ACE) program offers the industry's first multi-cloud networking education and certification that enables architects, engineers, and technical staff to develop advanced networking security, and operational competencies for public cloud.

Why ACE?

  • The ACE-Associate training covers proven design patterns for multi-cloud architecture and key networking and security use cases supported by the architecture – focusing on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. The training also discusses Day 2 operational requirements including visibility, monitoring, and time-saving troubleshooting techniques.

The ACE Team

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  • Can I secure a remote job with my ACE, on completion of the course program.

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    • Stanhope Jite 

      The entire IT industry has already moved towards Multi-Cloud. Pretty much all enterprises/businesses have deployed production workload in multiple clouds. An expert level understanding of cloud and multi-cloud networking definitely increases the chances of getting job.

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  • This is a motivation already, the feeling that there is job available which the only barrier is getting the technical know-how , it means it's on me . I only need to show myself approved. 


    Shahzad Ali  And I'd also like you  to mentor me .. Possible right..?? 

    • Stanhope Jite The entire Aviatrix/ACE team is already mentoring and helping millions of learners, engineers, architects and students like you by sharing the knowledge. This community is a great example. Please feel free to ask any technical questions here and we all will help each others as a community.

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    • Stanhope Jite One thing that has always helped me is NOT focusing on getting the job, which is the ultimate desired outcome. Try focusing on solving problems that the industry is facing. Become an expert in your field and be a part of the evolving conversation that is taking place between technology experts and commercial consumers of that technology. Do that, and the jobs will find you.

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    • Mark Cunningham 

      Now this is another angle towards it . I appreciate .. I'm staying true to it ..

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    • Mark Cunningham I second.

    • Mark Cunningham  That's right, but to learn about the problems in the industry we  must get into it right?

  • This certification is the perfect thing which i needed in my career right now since I am moving to data science and cloud engineering. I am so happy that I found aviatrix and such amazing people  Like you who are there to guide us and allow us to become a better version of ourselves in such tough-times of COVID-19.

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  • The Course is very good and practically very helpful for managing Multi-Cloud Platform.👍

    Would you please let me know where I can place / share few suggestions about this Feature(s)/Service/Product which may be helpful for next development and feature enhancement ? Thanks, Dipankar. ✍️

  • Good training for cloud & security engineers 

  • I have just completed the ACE course, and received my certificate of completion.

    Do I need to set up the Zoom meet myself or do I wait for the next steps from Aviatrix?

    My exam is scheduled for Tuesday 29th. 

    • alex I took mine on 24th, join the zoom meeting at the scheduled time for further instructions. They will assist if you have any issues. 

      • alex
      • alex
      • 1 yr ago
      • Reported - view

      Enitan Olatunji Thanks bro. Cheers.

  • hi, what is the last date of completing this course? actually i've already enroll this course.


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  • Shahzad Ali
    Please what days can the exam be scheduled? Any day of the week (Monday - Sunday) or only on working days (Monday - Friday) ?

    Also, is there a time period for its approval?

    I haven't gotten to the exam scheduling yet but I wish to plan myself toward it.

    • Wachukwu Emmanuel Menuchim It is shown on the calendar the available days you can schedule for.

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  • Completed this course today and scheduled to do the exam.It was a wonderful experience to be introduce to how the CSPs provide presence around the world and how Aviatrix addressed the problems such as visibility, extending native constructs, improved security, while having a repeatable architecture across clouds (MCNA) via a single controller/pane.Thanks for such a great course.

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    • Kirk-Patrick Brown we are so glad you enjoyed the course! Best of luck on your exam.

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    • Katie Holms Thank you, I was introduce to this course by https://afterhour.tech/ and moved to fair enough knowledge of the cloud and its challenges by this course alone, great content.I will be sure to give my best at the exam.

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  • What is amazing about this training is it is not marketing for aviatrix, instead it provide an overview for CSP networking pros and cons and how to overcome such obstacles for better experience... Thanks team u added a lot to my knowledge 👍👍👍👍

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  • let's diving :)

  • Hi Shahzad,

    Thank you for sharing this great learning resource. I studied in the past 5 days and successfully passed the Multi-Cloud Network Associate exam today. Now I'm more interested in similar learning resources for the professional certificate. I'd appreciate it if you can provide any guidance please.

    - Richard

  • Thank you Shahzad Ali for the learning resources, really helped me to prepare and pass my associate exam. I am now an ACE.

  • good

  • I can't get the code to schedule my exam.

    someone kindly help

  • Really awesome introduction topic 

  • The entire Aviatrix/ACE team is already mentoring and helping millions of learners, engineers, architects and students like you by sharing the knowledge. This community is a great example. Please feel free to ask any technical questions here and we all will help each others as a community.

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  • Hi I have one query about logging feature in aviatrix,

    does Controller allows customers to export Netflow data from selected Aviatrix Gateways only to any Netflow collector like solarwinds or PRTG on a custom port?

  • In video lectures it is mentioned that Azure native firewall do not have support for DPI, IDS or IPS but on azure website they it says it has IDS and IPS support. please refer the link below.


    What should be our answer if the question comes on support of IDS and IPS feature of Azure native firewall?


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    • Rohan Acharekar it was added recently. We are updating the vod. Should be released soon

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  • Excellent training for cloud & security engineers 

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  • Hello everyone anyone please tell me any coupon code to take the global exam.

  • Good training for cloud & security engineers

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  • Compared to the ACE Associate training available on Teachable, you seem to be missing the whole section on OCI, including the recent changes, which have apparently occurred there.

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