GCP (Google Cloud Platform) Networking and Security Resources

Customer Case Studies

IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group)

IHG is leveraging the Aviatrix platform for business-critical Applications using Aviatrix Transit Gateway-based global secure cloud network (#SCN). The SCN is also providing connectivity across AWS and GCP to create an enterprise cloud-network backbone as a software overlay, without hair pinning through their on-premises Datacenter. 


Aviatrix's platform helped Splunk embrace and extend the native constructs. Aviatrix delivered simplicity and automation with the operational visibility and control that Splunk requires. The end result is an "Always Ready Enterprise Multi-Cloud Networking Infrastructure".


With Aviatrix, CUJO AI delivers Secure User Access and Global Transit Network Across AWS, Azure, and GCP.


VERINT is using GCP and other Clouds to build its secure and agile multi-cloud infrastructure. With Aviatrix, the Verint team has been able to increase network visibility and control, giving them the ability to troubleshoot much faster.

Workfront (An Adobe Company)



These and other case studies are also listed at the following link with more details



"Initially when we started our cloud journey our intention to kind of be in a single cloud AWS and then as things evolved we are in pretty much now all the major clouds like #GCP and #Azure and OCI."



Case Studies, Design and Solution Guides

Resolving Overlapping IP Issue when connecting to/from GCP

Resolving Overlapping IP issues when connecting GCP to other CSPs (Migration Use-Case)

Adobe/Workfront Use-Case Presentation

Extending Network Segmentation (VRF) from Google Cloud to On-Prem Branches and Data Centers

Google Cloud Networking 101

Google Cloud Router

Aviatrix and GCP NCC Integrated Solution

Deploy VM-Series on Google Cloud

Bootstrapping VM-Series in Google Cloud

Networking SnowFlake on GCP with Aviatrix

Providing Secure Cloud Networking for Google Vertex AI with Aviatrix

Networking Google Cloud Build with Aviatrix

Hybrid Google Cloud DNS Connectivity with Aviatrix

Running a GKE on top of an Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network — Part 1

Running a GKE on top of an Aviatrix Secure Cloud Network – Part 2

Aviatrix Multi-Region Architecture for GCP

Deploying an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with CheckPoint

A day in a life of an Aviatrix FireNet Ingress Packet in GCP

Aviatrix Cloud Native GCP User VPN Solution for the Rescue

Centralized Ingress with Aviatrix on GCP

Deploying an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with Fortinet FortiGate

Hybrid GCP Connectivity and Aviatrix

Using F5 and Aviatrix for Ingress Traffic on GCP

Deploying Aviatrix Controller and CoPilot on GCP behind Cloud Armor

“Terraforming” an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with PANs

Deploying an Aviatrix FireNet on GCP with PANs

Aviatrix Software on Google Platform

Aviatrix Controller and CoPilot are available on Google Platform and ready to be deployed.

Webinars / VoD / Demos

Google Next 2017 Aviatrix Session



Migrating Applications into Google Cloud - Critical Steps



Google Cloud Network Connectivity Center with Aviatrix



Securing GCP/GKE Workloads with Next-Generation Firewall



GCP Top Multi-Cloud Networking Requirements


Harnessing BGP to Scale your Edge in Google Cloud

Google Cloud Networking and Security 101


Common Networking and Security Barriers for Google Cloud (GCP) Adoption



Eliminating Google Cloud (GCP) Networking and Security Barriers


Google Cloud (GCP) Enterprise Customer Personas and their Networking and Security Use-Cases


Google Cloud (GCP) Enterprise Network Design
This video shows the blueprint or GCP reference architecture


Google Cloud (GCP) Enterprise Customer Case Studies


Google Cloud (GCP) Network and Security Infrastructure Visibility, Troubleshooting and Monitoring



Google Cloud (GCP) Popular Enterprise Networking and Security Designs

This video shows the GCP designs with Anthos, GKE, Cloud Functions, Shared VPC etc.


Eliminate barriers to GCP and Multi-Cloud Adoption


Automation / IaC / Terraform

GCP Shared VPC Setup

Terraform to bring up Aviatrix Network in GCP demo with or without GCP Shared VPC


Following is the recorded demo based on the above Terraform




Using GCP Transit as S2C Spoke




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