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  • 19 January 2023
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  Hi Team,

I registered for Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multicloud Network Associate Course in 2022, which I completed in 2023, and when I used the ACEMULTICLOUD coupon code to schedule the exam it says expired, Can you please help me with the latest Coupon code?



8 replies

Hey facing same issue!
Cant use ACEMULTICLOUD code to redeem exam coupon. Please help we the latest coupon code

Yes Please..
Help us with the latest coupon code...

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The free exam coupon code was offered for a limited time period and code validity ended on 31st December 2022.

Hey but from official site we can see that it is till feb end. Please extend validity as I have been trying so hard to pass this exam.

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vidya sri The free code available till February 2023, is for training only. The cost of exam is stated as $49 USD

Aviatrix Certified Engineer Can we expect to get just one more free coupon so that we can continue with the certificate examination?

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how i can reedem coupon ACE after finishing  course  from 3 days ?

so i can schedule for exam

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if you are referring to the ACE Associate, the exam is currently $19 USD with code ACESUMMERSPECIAL through August 31st ($49 USD value).

Hoping it helps!