ACE Automation Specialty (IaC) - Frequently Asked Questions

  • 15 December 2021
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What is the ACE Automation Specialty Infrastructure as Code (IaC) training?
15 total modules that add up to a 4-hour ACE Automation (IaC) course.

How do we access it?
Please visit If you are ACE Associate certified, you can use the same credentials. If you do not have an ACE Academy account, please create one for free.

Is the training free?
The lab guides are free for everyone.

Are the labs free?
No. The labs are offered under a Bring Your Own Controller (BYOC) model. The cost of running all the labs is about $1.25 USD per hour. Instructions on cleaning up the environment are provided in the training videos as well as the lab guides.

What are the pre-requisites?

  • ACE Associate certification
  • ACE Academy Account
  • Active AWS account
  • Active Azure account
  • Aviatrix Controller deployed from the Sandbox Starter Tool (SST). The training materials expect the student will have deployed their Controller using SST. The videos in the training materials will walk the attendee through this.
  • Three (3) GitHub accounts
  • One (1) Terraform Cloud Organization account

How long is the ACE Automation certification valid for? 
The certificate is valid for 3 years.

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Hi, I just completed the ACE Multicloud Network Associate Course but have not taken the Certification exam. Scheduled for Oct 31. I would like to take the ACE Multicloud Network Automation Specialty (IaC). I’m assuming I have to wait until after passing the exam to take Automation. May I purchase the course now with the discount then begin after the Associate exam. 

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You can apply for the IaC course with or without the Associate certification.

You can apply and earn Associate status during the lab, and apply for IaC certification after completing all IaC courses.