ACE Design Expert (ACE-DE) Certification

  • 28 September 2021
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Aviatrix Certified Engineer Design Expert (ACE-DE) is the highest level of the ACE Multi-Cloud Networking certification track. Aviatrix ACE-DE confirms the candidate’s command on understanding enterprise business requirements and developing cloud network architecture leveraging Aviatrix MCNA (Multi-Cloud Network Architecture) methodology.

The program also validates a candidate’s design thinking and consultative skills on core networking and security principles in public clouds as well as hybrid cloud connectivity. 

ACE-DE track allows cloud infrastructure architects to demonstrate their deep understanding of designing highly available and scalable multi-cloud architecture with hybrid connectivity without compromising network performance. 

An ACE-DE architect carries the primary responsibility in their organization of designing and deploying an optimal and secure cloud network environment that enables an agile platform for applications and customers to consume. ACE-DE are the technical resources that are also responsible for showing maturity in understanding the business demand and translating them into actionable future-proof designs.

ACE-DE Perks

  • Industry recognition of being the top Multi-Cloud architect in the world

  • Be part of elite "cloud networking design authority" community

  • A new ACE-DE certification number

  • Chance to lead local user groups and be part of industry events

  • Opportunity to appear in Aviatrix podcasts and tech talks

  • Jacket and accessories

  • Direct Access to Customer Solution Architect team to discuss any design


The format of ACE-DE will be different than originally planned due to travel restrictions, corporate requirements, government guidelines, and policies.

The candidate must defend the design and architecture in front of a panel. There are two parts to the defending process

1- Defend an already submitted Multi-Cloud Networking design

2- Defend an "On the Fly" Multi-Cloud Networking design based on the requirement provided by the panel on the spot.

In-Person Participation

ACE-DE requires candidates to come on-site, defend the design and demonstrate mastery not only of the Aviatrix platform but also a deep understanding of multiple clouds networking and security. ACE Team is planning to bring the ACE-DE program to different locations in the USA and different parts of the world subject to COVID restrictions. For the USA, Dallas, Texas will serve as the main location for ACE-DE defense.


The requirement for candidates to come on-site and participate in the defense process, but if a candidate cannot attend due to restrictions, ACE Team will allow few exceptions on a case-to-case basis. If an exception is approved, the defense will be conducted over Zoom.

Group Participation

Group participation is not allowed in general. If multiple candidates are part of the same corporate and worked on the same design, they can submit the same design. The defend portion of ACE-DE is still going to be on an individual basis.

More Details

ACE Team will be posting more details on this page about the ACE-DE program process, guidelines, study guide, and blueprint, so please stay tuned.

2 replies


Do we have any latest updates for ACE-DE program. Whether latest updates on process, guidelines, study guide, and blueprint available.

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Hi @Sandeep_Baviskar, you can find that information here