ACE - IaC Issue with Lab 1

  • 29 December 2022
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I'm able to successfully run the Plan with no errors.  When I run the Apply, I keep getting 3 errors "AVXERR-TRANSIT-0067] Customer ID is not setup. abort" and the Aviatrix portions of the code are not created.  I can see resources in Azure and AWS, so I believe the error is authenticating to or permission on the Aviatrix Controller.  Appreciate any help/assistance!!

14 replies

Chris Kam Make sure to use Value ID for the application key and try again.

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Mushtaq Ahmed Thanks Mushtaq for the pointer. The Value ID appears on the left side when you create the secret key in Azure

Thank you for the quick replies.  To clarify, resources are created in Azure and resources are created in AWS.  What I'm not seeing are the GW's or Transit in the AVX Controller. Attached are the specific errors.  I've destroyed everything and started from scratch, thinking perhaps I missed a step in the instructions.  The second error is new.

Chris Kam I believe there are still some issues with the following and suggest to recreate as "Environmental Variable" instead of "Terraform Veriable" and reapply.  Also pay attention to any extra spaces. Hope this helps


# Create an Aviatrix Azure Account
  resource "aviatrix_account" "azure_account" {
  account_name = var.azure_account_name
  cloud_type = 8
  arm_subscription_id = var.azure_subscription_id
  arm_directory_id = var.azure_tenant_id
  arm_application_id = var.azure_client_id
  arm_application_key = var.azure_client_secret

Mushtaq Ahmed Thanks again!  As I chase this down the error above aligns to the error seen in the Controller.  Appears somehow my build of the controller is missing the Customer ID and therefore unable to communicate via Terraform with AWS and Azure.  Terraform cloud to AWS and Azure works, but not Terraform via Aviatrix Controller.

I suspect the issue is that I added the wrong information when licensing the Controller.  First picture is from the instructions.  Second is my options from AWS License Manager.  I copied/pasted the License ID for the Metered 2208 license.  Is that not correct ??  Instructions lack details in this area.

I've confirmed the issue was a missing Customer ID in the Controller by manually adding a metered license that I had and rerunning Terraform.  So the question remains, what's the correct value to enter in the Sandbox Starter for the Controller License when there are three licenses listed in the AWS License Manager??

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Chris Kam after you subscribe to Aviatrix 2208 image, it would take you to Aviatrix.up web site. This site would have sent you the metered license. This is what you need 

Shahzad Ali Something went wrong with that part of the process, likely on my side. I used a license I already had and finished the training/labs today.  Thanks for your help!!

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Chris Kam glad that you were able to complete it.

 Chris Kam Awesome!! Now you can enjoy your New Year peacefully. QQ: did you upload or share any lab info to show that you completed it? I need to check before I destroy my lab work.

Mushtaq Ahmed Yes, when you finish the training the second last step provides the details to submit what's needed.  It's also sent via email.  I did that before tearing down my environment.  Knowing it's a holiday week, I'm hoping to hear back early next week.  

Chris Kam Can you please share the snapshot of what information to share? Somehow I couldn't find it out

Mushtaq Ahmed Here are the details from the email:

To officially get certified, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Your ACE Associate certification number

  • Your GitHub account ID

  • A single screenshot attachment that clearly shows the following:

    • The string <your-GitHub-account> / ace-iac-day-two

    • The string Pull request successfully merged and closed