ACE Professional

  • 11 January 2021
  • 3 replies


What is the approximate wait time to take ACE Professional, I have cleared my ACE associate over a month ago now, have also raised the request to take ACE professional but I dont have any updates on as when can I get to take it

3 replies

Tariq --

Could you provide me a little more info about yourself / request?

I'm looking to do some Aviatrix trainings this year (Aviatrix Accredited Training Partner), and I'm trying to gauge interest for public vs private  trainings Associate vs Professional.

Also, if you work for a company that has purchased Aviatrix, talk to your Aviatrix rep. I know there is a huge demand for PRO training, and customers are getting bumped up the priority list.


Justin Donohoo 

Hi Justin, I have around 10 years of exp working as an SRE, currently working with Coupa software as Sr SRE. I have been working with AWS for over 7 years now and hold a few certifications as well like all Pro certs and Advanced Network Specialty. I also hold CCNP and was looking for something more advance in Multi-Cloud networking. My company has actually purchased Aviatrix and I can try and reach out to our TAM to push for training.


My Multicloud Network Professional getting expire on 2024-Feb-02. What is the procedure to renew the certification.

Also suggest ACE team to provide minimum 6 month advance notification for expiry.