ACE Secure Cloud Networking Learning, Training and Certification Path

  • 25 February 2022
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ACE Secure Cloud Network (SCN) certification from Aviatrix is a great way for all IT professionals to expand their knowledge in Cloud Infrastructure, Security, and Networking. The training and certification are valuable for all roles, whether at a global systems integrator (GSI) or partner, end customer, or as a technical role at a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Aviatrix cloud network security certification does not focus on one single Cloud but on the Aviatrix Multi-Cloud Networking Platform, which is deployed equally on all major Cloud Platforms.

Recommended Training and Certification Path

The ACE program provides ongoing education that enables architects, engineers, and technical staff to develop advanced competency in native cloud capabilities and provides a framework for applying this knowledge to network architecture and design patterns in order to meet customer requirements.

We highly recommend following the Training and Certification path in order. This will ensure that you are not overwhelmed and consume all the concepts and learning in a pragmatic way.



  1. ACE Associate

    • This is the prerequisite and the first step to attend any training or pursue the ACE certification track

    • Self Paced with 6 hours of commitment

    • Sing up here:

    • Click here to get the code to reduce or waive the fee for both training and certification

    • Covers basic networking components and terminology of the major cloud service providers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure)

    • Lectures only with no labs

  • ACE IaC

    • Self Paced with 4 hours of commitment

    • Sign up here:

    • Click here to get the code to reduce the fee for both training and certification

    • Learn to configure cloud networking devices and services using the Terraform code. Learn about AWS, Azure, and Aviatrix GUI console with SaaS like experience

    • Lectures + LAB

    • LAB pods are provided by attendees/students. LAB portion is also self-paced. Attendees deploy a Secure Cloud Network in AWS and Azure with the Cloud Sandbox Starter (CSS) tool

    • No test is required to get the certificate

  • ACE Operations

    • Instructor-led. One day with 8 hours of commitment

    • Sign up here:

    • Learn to use tools like ping, traceroute, packet capture using Aviatrix GUI. Create alerts and use VPC/VNET route tables and BGP information to troubleshoot common cloud routing scenarios

    • Lectures + LAB

    • LAB pod provided by Aviatrix

    • No test is required to get the ACE Operations certificate

  • ACE Professional

    • Instructor-led. 3 days of commitment

    • Sign up here: 

    • Lectures + LAB

    • LAB pod provided by Aviatrix

    • Learn to deploy and implement end-to-end enterprise cloud networks. Deploy and configure security services such as ThreatGuard, Network Behavior Analytics, Segmentation, 3rd party NGFW, etc.

  • ACE Design Expert

    • For architects with at least two years of design and deployment experience with the Aviatrix platform

    • It is nomination-based and offered to select individuals. Reach out to your account team if interested in knowing more or look at the blueprint here 

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