Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multicloud Network Operations

  • 30 January 2021
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The new course Aviatrix Certified Engineer - Multicloud Network Operations (or ACE Cloud Ops for short) equips Cloud Operations teams to run a multicloud network in their daily jobs. It builds on the immensely popular ACE Program (ACE Associate is a pre-requisite) with some of the most common use cases we see our customers when operating in any cloud:

  • How to Ensure Business Continuity with an Enterprise-class Transit Solution
  • How to Strengthen Compliance and Audit Initiatives by providing Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Cloud Security Appliances
  • How to Efficiently Connect Remote Sites to Cloud
  • How to Improve your Cloud Egress Security posture
  • Best Practices for Platform Operations Management
  • DevOps for Network Engineers

There are also hands on labs focused on break-fix scenarios that are based on this topology:


The source code of the Terraform that built this topology is here.

Submit interest for taking ACE Cloud Ops here.

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