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  • 30 August 2020
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Its more than 10 days now after attempting the ACE MCNA exam, But till now no info regarding the result announcement. Did not received a single notification mail about exam result.


How can i know  the result. ?  


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4 replies


There must be a reason why its like that, but first, I will advise you to clear your own side first by checking your spam folder. They might have sent a mail to you and its probably in your spam. Please check your spam first, if its not there, then I'd advise that you simply reply to the email sent to you notifying you of the exam and lay your complain. I am sure you are getting closer to the solution by doing that. Good luck.


It takes time. Did mine on 5th and got the results on 14th. Thats approximately 9 days. 


There is no "result announcement" i.e. how much you got in the exam. 

Usually, you would receive your certificate by 7 working days (seeing that weekends don't count). 

However, you only receive a certificate mail if you passed. If you didn't pass I don't know if there is a mail for that. 

Hope this helps. 


Same with me, I gave my exam 10 days ago, but haven't heard back from the team yet