Jobs with companies in need of Aviatrix certified techs

Hi all, im fairly new to the community. I have been working in tech as a jr network tech for about a year now. I went to the AWS summit and say the talk aviatrix did and i loved it.
I loved the idea of aviatrix, working in networking made me want to move into cloud and eventually into cloud security. 
I am planning on making the first step and getting the ACE certification and was wondering what companies are out that in need of Aviatrix certified techs.
I plan on coupling this certificate with the more advanced ones and probably the comptia cloud+ and some aws/azure certs.

Ive tried doing research but cant find many companies that are specifically hiring aviatrix people.

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Hello Derin and nice to meet you. Based on my experience I don't suggest you to focus on "companies hiring Aviatrix guys" but to spent some time studying and learning about Cloud networking (Azure, AWS, GCP, OCI) and to obtain all their related certifications and in the meantime learn about Aviatrix (ACE, IaC, NetOps and PRO certs). Following this journey you will be a professional Cloud networking engineer and a lot of companies will be interested on your CV.


Hey Derin!

Don't just plan on the ACE training and it NOW! 🙂

Semi-joking aside, I think you're in an amazing spot in your early career. You're getting that strong networking knowledge experience in your current role, and looking to layering on all the cloud service provider expertise on top of this as well. You'll be a rockstar in the industry before you know it!

So, what companies are other there that need Aviatrix Certified Engineers? Well, a lot...they just don't know it yet. Currently, it's rare to see companies specifically asking for ACE trained folks from what I've seen. However, the multi-cloud skillset requirement is growing for many cloud engineer/architect type roles by the minute.

I think more and more companies will be moving to multi-cloud infrastructures and the need for these cross-cloud provider skill sets will be in very high demand. Aviatrix solutions and the ACE training/cert paths are perfectly aligned to all this.

I'd expect to see more and more companies calling out Aviatrix experience in the coming two to three years in my opinion, as the multi-cloud adoption takes hold and organizations recognize the tremendous value Aviatrix can offer from its capabilities and that whole total cost-of-ownership stuff.

Again, I think you're discovering Aviatrix at a perfect time here. When organizations realize they need these skillsets and ACE certified staff, you'll already be an expert in the field.

All the best with your ACE training and cloud cert journey! It's a long never-ending road, just enjoy the process and keep learning!


Hi Derin, Pleased to conncet here in Aviatrix Community. I had been working on Digital Transformation and Cloud COE, where customer is using Multi Cloid Strategy, did note that they are even explosring Aviatrix for managing multi cloud infra. Agree with Mike Fischer as doing it will make us ready in advance. On a related note I have written a Medium Article - please see it will help to Ace the ACE.

FABIO MODESTO BINETTI thanks! i like this route. use the Aviatrix certs more supplemental and get the aws, azure, etc. as the main course.

Mike Fischer thanks, never really considered this. Companies are definitely moving to multi cloud environments. I noticed that where i work, we are also using multi cloud. 

Dev Kumar Verma thanks! will check it out.

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Thanks for raising this question, Derin Perez !

Another awesome way to learn more about job openings is to check out Credly. If you click through to the ACE Associate badge for example, you can see the skills associated with the badge. If you want to follow "cloud engineer" job openings and related skills, you can click through the insights and see openings, location, skills, salary, etc. Hope that helps!  

Katie Holms Great advice Katie! I didn't know Credly had this feature. Thank you so much!

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Mark Simpson Derin Perez let us know what you find! 

I will Katie Holms . I'm looking forward to the day when Aviatrix is a job category of its' own. Should be soon!

During many of the Aviatrix presentations, they will show a slide with many of their clients. Screenshot this, or write them down. This is a good place to start. Go to their websites and search for their careers tab. They may not mention Aviatrix in the job description, but I've seen a few mention it as a job requirement or at least 'nice to have'.