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Hello , my name is Shirshak and I wanted to ask whether it is compulsory for the student to switch on camera and microphone at the same time?
Since it will be very difficult for me to manage a laptop which has a webcam as well as mic because in my laptop I have only mic accessible.


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I think webcam driver missing issues. You will be check webcam driver.

It says its up to date

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It is a remote proctored exam and can not be conducted without webcam.

For ACE Multicloud.....I didn't found any use of microphone and webcam, even I have done the exam without any use of both...

Anjul Sharma So we dont need to switch on the cam and mic right?

Shirshak Roy Yes, you are correct!

Bushra Alam Hey why i have been logged out in the mid of the exam?

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Shirshak Roy Log back in, your timer is ticking.

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Anjul Sharma This is a remote proctored exam since April 1st. So camera and mic both are required.

Bushra Alam Okay, If it has a New Update or Policy, then I am not aware about the same.

As I have shared my previous experience so..

@Shrishak - please note the same...