Unable to Proceed my Aviatrix training

Dear All,

Does anyone know about the resolution of this error, because of this my training session has stuck to proceed.


Best answer by Dev_Kumar_Verma 12 July 2022, 19:18

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Please check your previous step - hope all the Quiz completed with 70% and above. It should work. If not please login again and try. I just checked in my Login - it works well, I have cleared the Exam as well on June 30, 22.

Dev Kumar Verma Hello Dev thankyou for your reply. Yes I had completed all quizzes successfully. I would like to update you that I just rechecked it and it started to work. It seems a problem from backend because server was reflecting 503 error 

I'm having a slightly different problem. I have completed the training, but I want to do a rerun. The pages load, but the videos are not loading. 


Any fix? I'm watching from a mobile browser 

yea same error happen to me 503, i can confirm previous quiz completed above 70%. hmm not sure what to do, using other browser still the same. Ill recheck again see how if its really problem from backend.