When Will I Receive the Acclaim Digital Badge?

Today i received the mail with the certificate .when will i receive the digital badge.


Best answer by Phil 10 August 2020, 22:02

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Congrats! Inside your certificate email there is this line "In a separate thread in the coming weeks, you will be receiving a notification from our digital badging platform, Acclaim, with instructions to click-to-add this achievement to your social and professional media platforms."

I'm sure it's on its way.

Best, Phil


Htun Zarni 

Congrats,I have received my digital badge after 23 days from the date of result.

Best regards, Narmatha


Hello Zarni,

you have to be patient, you should expect at least 2 weeks to receive your digital badging platform, Acclaim. This is what i understood when beeing notified of ACE completion with the attached certificate (pdf version)


Hi Htun Zarni

You will be receiving the Acclaim badge within 7 working days of your exam result.

Thanks, Rajaram


Binh NGUYEN  , I have received my badge within 7 days of my cert,thats why advised Htun Zarni That you will be receiving the badge in 7 business days.

Phil thank you so much

Narmatha S thank you!

Binh NGUYEN thank you !

Rajaram Natarajan thank you!


Hi, I also haven't received my Acclaim badge, 23 days after the result. Is this on its way?