Aviatrix Transit Gateway: Error: [AVXERR-MAINTENANCE-004] Upgrade/Restore in progress

  • 16 September 2022
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We are using the aviatrix terraform resource `"aviatrix_transit_gateway"`  to build a transit gateway but we are getting the following error. 

failed to create Aviatrix Transit Gateway:
rest API create_transit_gw Post failed:
Error: [AVXERR-MAINTENANCE-004] Upgrade/Restore in progress.
Please try again after maintenance action is finished.

with aviatrix_transit_gateway.avx_build,
on line 2,
in resource "aviatrix_transit_gateway"


The following is the structure of our resource:

resource "aviatrix_transit_gateway" "avx_build" {
single_az_ha = true
gw_name = "avx_build_gw"
vpc_id =
cloud_type = 1
vpc_reg = var.region
connected_transit = true
gw_size = "t3.medium"
account_name = var.cloud_account_name
subnet = aws_subnet.avx_build_subnet.cidr_block
enable_advertise_transit_cidr = true
bgp_manual_spoke_advertise_cidrs = "some-ip-addr-ranges-here"


Is it due to an aviatrix maintenance or a possible error on our side?

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