Aviatrix Transit VPC - DXGW

  • 25 March 2022
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Today, we are using Aviatrix as TGW orchestrator only. We have AWS Direct Connect connections to two TGWs in different regions connecting to AWS Direct Connect Gateway. If we decide to deploy Aviatrix Transit VPC, do we still need AWS TGW? If not, how will I connect my on-prem to the Aviatrix Transit VPC?


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2 replies

Deploy s2c connection from controller using ipsec tunnel after then send the copy of config file to customer establish connection. Configure NAT and security rule on both side firewalls to allow. Add customer remote subnet and your tunnel subnet during creating s2c connection. 

Please let know if I missed steps.

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Yes as long as you keep using the DXGW, you will need a TGW to build connectivity to other components (VPC, AVXGW, etc.). The DXGW can not connect to other network services by itself.