Aviatrix Transit VPC - Global or Regional

  • 16 March 2022
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Apologies if this basic question has been answered already but could not find any reference

Is  the Aviatrix Transit GW a regional service or Global ? Will the Solution work if I have 1 VPC in US-West and another VPC in US-East with the  Aviatrix Transit VPC in any of these regions ?

or is it that we need to deploy 2 Transit VPCs - one each of US-West  &  US-East and interconnect both these VPCs for reachability ?


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1 reply

The Aviatrix Transit GW is reached by the Spoke GWs via public IPs, therefore you can place the transits anywhere.
You might want additional transits in regions where you have multiple spokes so traffic between these spokes does not have to leave the region.