Azure High Performance Networking with Dynamic Route Control Design

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Aviatrix BGP Over LAN solution offers a simple and scalable way to extend network intelligence into Azure that preserves visibility, control, and usability. Multiple options exist to deploy this solution in Azure, giving customers the flexibility to choose the deployment that best serves their needs. The Aviatrix BGP Over LAN solution can also be leveraged in AWS and GCP by providing similar advantages with the same consistency, repeatability, and automation provided in Azure.


About the Author 

Tim McConnaughy is a Senior Customer Solutions Architect at Aviatrix based in Raleigh, NC. Tim has worked with large customers and other Aviatrix Solutions Architects to create and validate these Azure design options. These designs have been validated and adopted by Aviatrix enterprise customers. Tim can be reached at


Technical Reviewers

Jorge Cortes, Principal Solutions Architect

Emanuel Sifuentes, Principal Solutions Architect

Charles O’Riordan, Senior Cloud Networking Architect

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