5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: July 2023

  • 17 August 2023
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5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: July 2023
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The weather may be starting to cool, but it will come as no surprise to those with boots on the ground that cloud infrastructure and multicloud are continuing to heat up. Their upward trajectory comes with expectations of further acceleration in 2024 (we see you, AI initiatives). Still, there’s red-hot debate over how security and the skills gap will be handled even as organizations step on the gas.  


Here are the reads that will catch you up on the hottest topics in cloud networking: 


Security Magazine 

85% of Organizations are Adopting Multicloud Strategies 

Pluralsight released its second annual State of Cloud Report, which found that multicloud strategies are becoming increasingly commonplace, with more than 65% of organizations currently operating within multicloud environments and another 20% saying they’re actively pursuing an additional cloud platform for their cloud environment. According to the findings however, in the rush toward multicloud architectures, many organizations are finding themselves underprepared and lacking resources to succeed. 



The Future of the Firewall is in the Cloud 

Entrepreneur and investor Shlomo Kramer kicked off a debate about network firewalls in a LinkedIn response he posted to ZScaler CEO Jay Chaudhry’s interview in CRN. While Jay stated in his interview that the “network firewalls will go the way of the mainframe,” that “the network is just plumbing,” Shlomo argues that “firewalls are here to stay, just using a different form factor.”  



Gartner: Worldwide Cloud Infrastructure Spending Topped $100B for the First Time in 2022 

Worldwide spending on cloud infrastructure-as-a-service resources reached an all-time high of $120.3 billion in 2022 after growing 29.7% year-over-year, according to new Gartner data. Said Gartner VP Sid Nag: “This is expected to continue until mid-2023 and is a natural outcome of the market’s maturity. We expect an acceleration in 2024, as there is still room for plenty of additional future growth.” 



The Three Paradigms of Networking 

Alex Perkins, Senior Network Engineer for Presidio Federal and cohost of the Cables2Clouds podcast, breaks down what he sees as the three fields that network engineering is split into right now: the traditional on-prem network engineer, the cloud network engineer, and application networking. “They have some similarities but I think overall they are very different and require very different skillsets,” says Alex. “...I believe that in the future, network engineers will be increasingly involved in all three of these paradigms and will need to have a good understanding of all of them to be successful.” This is a great piece for anyone in or considering a career in network engineering. 



Exploring the Intersection of Security and AI: Supercloud 3 Event Day 1 Review 

SiliconANGLE brought together a powerhouse group of speakers for this year’s event to discuss the supercloud – the abstraction layer they’ve defined for cross-cloud applications that resides above and across hyperscale infrastructure. The focus this time around was the changing dynamics of AI and security, with hosts David Vellante and John Furrier focusing on how suerpcloud requires new thinking about cybersecurity. Shameless plug: keep an eye out for Aviatrix CEO Doug Merritt, who also joined for a discussion at the event. 


What do you think of these stories? Are you seeing these trends play out in your role or at your organization? 

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