5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: June 2024

5 Cloud Networking Must-Read Stories: June 2024

Just in time for summer, the cloud networking industry continued to heat up in June. News focused on AI: AI’s impact to cloud workloads, new AI certifications designed to upskill workers from AWS, and much more.  


Join us as we uncover diverse perspectives on cloud security and advancements in cloud networking in this month’s edition of Must-Read stories in Cloud Networking. 



The power of genAI plus multicloud architecture 

In his latest, David Linthicum explores the synergy between generative AI and multicloud architecture, highlighting how the computation demands of AI models drive adoption of diverse cloud environments. Despite the benefits, the complexity of multicloud necessitates careful planning to maximize value and mitigate security risks effectively. 


Fierce Networks  

Businesses have high hopes for AI. Are their networks ready? 

It's no secret that investment in AI is the top priority among technology leaders, but a new survey from IDC shows that only a small percentage of those business leaders believe their networks are ready to support it. Despite the challenges, leaders are upbeat, aiming to leverage AI for automation and efficiency gains, even as they navigate the complexities of network readiness and the broader digital landscape. 


AWS Blog 

AWS debuts 2 AI certifications to give you an edge in pursuing in-demand cloud jobs 

Whether you are a recent college graduate or a seasoned professional, it’s always a good idea to sharpen your skills — especially when it comes to rapidly evolving areas like generative AI.  In June, AWS launched a new suite of certifications and courses focused on AI, generative AI, and machine learning to help people prepare for certification exams. 



What is Private AI?  

A key requirement for enterprises deploying AI is data security. How can a firm adapt a popular large language model (LLM) for internal use while ensuring corporate data remains safe from competitors? In this piece, Senior Analyst Mary Jander details private AI, a design approach that is gaining popularity for its ability to ensure the safety and integrity of enterprise data used in AI.   



How will AI apps impact workloads in the cloud? 

AI and cloud are becoming more intertwined, and building AI apps in the cloud requires you to pay more attention to cloud workload management. This piece from Will Kelly explores the impact — positive and negative — that AI brings performance. Benefits include resource optimization, workload efficiency, reduced infrastructure costs, and increased data analytics, while negative impacts include increased security risks, increased costs, and bias concerns. Enterprises should prepare cloud management operations before embarking on building resource-heavy AI applications.  


What do you think of these stories — any articles you loved that we missed? Are you seeing these trends play out in your organization? 

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