Answer This: Reddit and Stack Overflow Roundup for Friday, April 5, 2024

  • 5 April 2024
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Every day, people visit Reddit and Stack Overflow seeking expert advice about cloud networking and security. We search through those posts and gather a list of discussions and questions that you – the experts – might find interesting or solvable. Some are career guidance, which is where your experience and advice matters. 

If you’re new to Reddit or Stack Overflow, some tips are below. And if you do respond to any of these threads, share the link to your responses back to this post so others in the community can follow you!

Below are the most recent inquiries.



Apr 5 Routing Troubleshooting Checklist

Apr 5 AWS Service Mesh: Is it standard?

Apr 5 Azure and its problem with expensive bandwidth - How reduce cost?

Apr 5 Azure Career Move.

Apr 4 Cost savings plan for Azure VPN Gateway?

Apr 4 Looking for GCP negotiation help

Apr 3 Training path to transition to a Cloud network engineer role from 0?

Apr 3 Can’t land a Networking job

Apr 3 Thoughts on working at Cisco?

Apr 3 Training path to transition into network engineering

Apr 3 Multi account EKS cluster (Kubernetes migration question)

Stack Overflow

Apr 5 AWS Network Load Balancer - routing based on source IP

Apr 3 How to scale the number of concurrent users of my LLM Chatbot RAG system for production

Apr 3 Is aws emr-containers create-virtual-cluster command asynchronous or synchronous?

Apr 3 How to limit IP addresses for RDP connection?

Apr 3 How to refer to a single subnet id created from a module of multiple subnets in terraform





  • If posting something self-promotional, be sure to disclose the organization you work for or other relevant connections. (For example: “Full disclosure: I work for secure cloud networking company Aviatrix”)
  • Company subreddits (particularly r/AWS) often do not allow specific company/product mentions. If you do post them, they may be removed by moderators.
  • Share the link to your responses back to this thread on The Cloud Network so others in the community can follow you. 
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