Answer This: Reddit and Stack Overflow Roundup for Friday, February 2, 2024

  • 2 February 2024
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Every day, people visit Reddit and Stack Overflow seeking expert advice about cloud networking and security. We search through those posts and gather a list of discussions and questions that you – the experts – might find interesting or solvable. Some are career guidance, which is where your experience and advice matters. 

If you’re new to Reddit or Stack Overflow, some tips are below. And if you do respond to any of these threads, share the link to your responses back to this post so others in the community can follow you!

Below are the most recent inquiries.



Feb 2 Firewall for AWS

Feb 2 Azure…. Too much

Feb 2 Azure automation

Feb 2 Oracle Cloud network reseller?

Feb 2 Blogpost Friday!

Feb 1 How do you handle NSG on Spoke vNet with Firewall deployed to Hub? *hot topic*

Feb 1 Policy Based Routing / Transparent NAT interception for Squid

Feb 1 DMZ Server needs access to Active Directory

Feb 1 Help with Azure Networking, ExpressRoute and NVA

Jan 31 Third party firewall for azure AVD solution

Jan 31 Is it possible to configure site to site VPN between 2 fortigates using private ips?

Jan 31 Can't ping firewall inside interface from Layer 3 Vlan.

Jan 31 What's the good online training resource to prepare for AWS certification these days?

Jan 31 Transit Gateway , weird situation.

Jan 31 What has been your biggest technical difficulty with Azure ? How did you overcome the issue ?

Jan 31 Azure firewall and UDR

Jan 31 Azure IPSEC Site to Site VPN where remote IP can change

Jan 31 Rant Wednesday!


Stack Overflow 

Feb 2 strongSwan IKEv2 Tunneling: How to Reach Client's Subnet?

Feb 2 Unable to find the VM from the VNet Resource Page in Azure Portal

Feb 2 AWS Network Load Balancer sending Traffic to Multiple Subnets

Feb 1 Connect to a SQL Server using IP address?

Jan 31 Not able to connect from React Frontend server to Node Backend server

Jan 31 Creating a network load balancer in AWS with terraform

Jan 31 Azure vnet outbound block internet access except some domain





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  2. Company subreddits (particularly r/AWS) often do not allow specific company/product mentions. If you do post them, they may be removed by moderators.
  3. Share the link to your responses back to this thread on The Cloud Network so others in the community can follow you. 
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