Answer This: Reddit and Stack Overflow Roundup for Friday, July 21, 2023

  • 21 July 2023
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Every day, people visit forums like Reddit and Stack Overflow seeking expert advice about cloud networking and security. We comb through those posts and curate a list of discussions and questions that you – the experts – might find interesting or solvable. Less time searching, more time making connections.


If you’re new to Reddit or Stack Overflow, some starting tips are below. And if you do respond to any of these threads, share the link to your responses back to this post so others in the community can follow you!


Here are today’s queries:



Jul 21 Advice For Those New to Network Engineering

Jul 21 Pentesting Azure Cloud

Jul 21 Do you guys have IT degrees or just certifications?

Jul 21 Silly VPN question

Jul 21 Blogpost Friday! (A regular – great place to share your blog posts, or interesting pieces you’ve read lately!)

Jul 21 Cisco Secure Cloud Analytics (Seeking alternatives)

Jul 20 Firewall rules - descriptions

Jul 19 Small companies’ firewall best practices

Jul 19 In need of help to find related courses! (Looking to build on AWS certifications)

Jul 19 Guest wifi firewalling and isolation

Jul 19 Rant Wednesday! (Always some fun threads to pull here!)

Jul 19 ISP Transit & Routed Interfaces

Jul 19 Do I need NAT Gateway in this case?

Jul 18 Cert recommendations with about 18 months before I need a job?

Jul 18 Azure for network engineers (Seeking next steps for exploring cloud networking and other related topics)


Stack Overflow

Jul 21 How setup Wireguard VPN to acces AWS VPC private network

Jul 21 Azure flexible server creation fails intermittenyl with the error " Operations on a server g...

Jul 21 Azure Load Testing: How to create a test using Terrform?

Jul 20 Istio egress routing with multiple external hosts through egress gateway not working

Jul 20 Google Cloud TTS SynthesizeLongAudio No file created

Jul 19 Terraform code to enable S3 bucket replication cross AWS accounts

Jul 19 How to share an AWS Virtual Private Gateway via Transit Gateway

Jul 19 Issues when creating and validating AWS ACM certificate using Terraform

Jul 19 Why after recreating vm in gcp via terraform some roles are dropping?

Jul 18 How to connect neptune and nodejs without nat gateway

Jul 18 Why is this userdata script terminating my EC2 instance?





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  3. Share the link to your responses back to this thread on The Cloud Network so others in the community can follow you. 
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