Answer This: Reddit and Stack Overflow Roundup for Friday, May 3, 2024

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Every day, people visit Reddit and Stack Overflow seeking expert advice about cloud networking and security. We search through those posts and gather a list of discussions and questions that you – the experts – might find interesting or solvable. Some are career guidance, which is where your experience and advice matters. 


If you’re new to Reddit or Stack Overflow, some tips are below. And if you do respond to any of these threads, share the link to your responses back to this post so others in the community can follow you!


Below are the most recent inquiries.



May 3 Is AWS still worth it? (Certification question)

May 3 NaaS Pros and Cons

May 3 Can I keep code and infra separate to support multiple deployment

May 3 How to break $200k as a Network Engineer/Architect in the midwest?

May 3 High "transfer out" fees for Tape Gateway

May 3 How can I get monthly/weekly email of costs table?

May 3 One virtual network, two subnets - but VM in subnet A can't talk to a VM in subnet B

May 3 PREVIEW Azure Virtual Network Manager user-defined route (UDR) management now in public preview

May 2 Anyone have any cool projects they are looking for help on?

May 1 What do the big observability products offer for monitoring that AWS does not?

May 1 Using appropriate services in a design

May 1 What annoys and surprises you the most when comparing Azure to AWS? (popular thread!)

May 1 Typical third-party MDR costs?

May 1 What is the issue with GCP? (question from a security professional)

May 1 Unable to implement OCI peering VCN in the same region but different tenancies with an upgraded DRG


Stack Overflow

May 3 Shortened Google Forms Link end with PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR in Mozilla Firefox

May 2  Setup NLB on Google cloud to use static public IP as end points

May 1 How to speed up slow Google Workspace add ons?

May 1 GCP NGFW with TLS inspection make it failed to browse HTTPs website

May 1 health check not accessible GCP

May 1 Router/Dealer Pattern facing unnecessary delay during multiple connections




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  • Company subreddits (particularly r/AWS) often do not allow specific company/product mentions. If you do post them, they may be removed by moderators.
  • Share the link to your responses back to this thread on The Cloud Network so others in the community can follow you. 
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