Answer This: Reddit and Stack Overflow Roundup for Tuesday, July 11, 2023

  • 11 July 2023
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Every day, people visit forums like Reddit and Stack Overflow seeking expert advice about cloud networking and security. We comb through those posts and curate a list of discussions and questions that you – the experts – might find interesting or solvable. Less time searching, more time making connections.


If you’re new to Reddit or Stack Overflow, some starting tips are below. And if you do respond to any of these threads, share the link to your responses back to this post so others in the community can follow you!


Here are today’s queries:



Jul 11 Networks should be fast, redundant, dumb pipes. Host and proxy software should handle security/overlay features. Change my mind.

Jul 11 Fortigate VPN IPsec with BGP

Jul 11 Seeking Study Material and Guidance for GCP Associate Exam Preparation

Jul 11 Across account access from Lambda to Access Point?

Jul 10 Want to get into IT CCNA my best bet?


Jul 10 Education and Certification Survey (A chance to show off your ACE and other creds!)

Jul 10 Need guidance on Cloud Engineering / related careers.

Jul 10 vWAN vNET peering to non vNET

Jul 9 Breaking Into Cloud Engineering Out of College

Jul 8 Aws or Azure for a windows architect?


Stack Overflow

Jul 11  Unbound using internal DNS for AmazonAWS?

Jul 11 Azure Webjobs not working with "VNet Route All Enabled"

Jul 10 Inconsistent IP Addresses in AWS Wavelength: Discrepancy between Elastic IP and Server IP

Jul 10 How can I solve this network problem that arose in my react project when using an aws rds?

Jul 9 How can I route public IP addressses to VMs in a private VxLAN?

Jul 8 List All Active AWS Resources Contributing to Billing




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