Any cloud networking and security folks going to AWS Summit NY (July 26)?  

  • 24 July 2023
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Is anyone attending the AWS Summit in New York this Wednesday, July 26th?


Having attended last year, I found that the AWS Summit was a great opportunity to connect with customers, partners, peers, and vendors supplying services within AWS. This provided great insight into the power of AWS and many platforms to help enhance an organizations of utilization of AWS in order to truly meet the business needs of the company.


I’m looking forward to learning about how security continues to be enhanced in AWS and to protect the applications running within. In addition, I’m looking forward to understanding how to build out solutions that not only meet the technical objectives but also keep costs and the business in mind this year!


I am excited to see you on Wednesday at Booth #235 and hope that if you’re traveling in from out of town you have the opportunity to walk around and explore NYC and all that it has to offer!


Will you be in NY this week? What’s your advice for those attending the AWS Summit in NYC (or other regional AWS Summits)?

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