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In coming days is there any plan for the support for VMware ON AWS, though it is VMware is platform but backend NSX-T run the show.


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I know about VMWware on AWS solution and NSX-T you mentioned. Some of our customers are using VMC on AWS with Aviatrix today just to support their legacy, proprietary and old apps that cannot run in Cloud today. What they told us that VMC on AWS is a temporary or stop-gap solution for them. For some customers, it might be a long term solution but it all depends on customer situation and use-cases

Some customers who are using VMC on AWS, are doing so just so that they can buy some time to port their legacy Apps/VM into Cloud Apps/VMs. This topic requires detailed discussion so please setup time and we can go in more details.


Hi Shahzad,

Thanks for the reply.

As VMC has some challenges in terms of the full access to the environment and mostly driven by SRE team in VMware itself.

I was going through if the arch support the direct interaction between AVI Controller-GTW to NSX-T Edge ( CGW and MGW). I would be happy to have session but this I was checking from product support wise.



Abhishek Kunal

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Yes, MCNA Arch. does support the direct interaction. The VMC is treated like another external site in the Cloud. So basically Aviatrix Controller can establish IPSec BGP connection back to NSX-T Edge. This is how it will look like

AVX-Ctrl -->AVX-Transit-GW ------IPSec/BGP Tunnel ----> NSX-T Edge

Unfortunately this tunnel is going to be limited in terms of performance because VMC is locked down architecture. As you mentioned, VMC team manages and control the VPCs. They wont allow other gateways to be installed in the VPC. Otherwise a better arch would be to deploy AVX Spoke GW inside the VPC to get full benefit of MCNA (Traffic Engineering / 70Gbps performance / etc.)

AVX-Ctrl -->AVX-Transit-GW ---|---> AVX-SPK-GW----->NSX-T Edge


Thanks for the kind reply...