AWS onboarding as secondary CSP

  • 15 July 2023
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I have my Aviatrix controller deployed in Azure, and I’d like to start managing AWS resources.

I couldn’t find where the documentation for onboarding AWS account is.

I could only find docs aboutusing AWS as the first CSP, where the controller lives.

Can anyone sahre some tutorial for  onboarding AWS accounts as secondary CSP?


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3 replies

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Hi @Bigo ,

as per your request, to create resources in AWS realm, you need to add an Access Account in the Aviatrix Controller.

In the documentation page, there is a clear screenshot explaining how adding a new AWS access account. Considering your Controller has been deployed in Azure and for my understanding, you should untick the “Iam role-based” value, filling the AWS Account Number and Key.

Please, let me know if you still need any clarification.

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Hi @Domenico_Marino.1 , many thanks for pointing me to that page, it worked and I could onboard the AWS account from the Controller in Azure.

The step of  un-ticking the “Iam role-based” value was crucial I guess.

In general, I’d suggest to update that part of documentation in a more “cloud neutral” way, as it is currently much AWS-centric. 

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Awesome @Bigo! Glad we fixed it!

Thank you for your suggestions, highly appreciated and anything you need, ping us!