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How does Aviatrix fix problems in Azure? 

We orchestrate and manage the UDR routes using Aviatrix Gateway in Azure to provide a scalable architecture and a lot of other things as well.  

How does Aviatrix work with ARM templates for Azure? 

Aviatrix has its own Terraform provider so configurations can be applied consistently across clouds. 

Is Azure NSG similar to NACLs or SG in AWS? 

Azure NSG can be attached to either subnet or instance, so it’s similar to both AWS NACL and SG. 

Is Azure's NVA similar to the Transit Gateway in AWS? 

No, the AWS Transit Gateway is an actual managed service from AWS. Azure NVA is not a managed service in itself. NVA means Network Virtual Appliance and can be either a 3rd-party element or a native Azure element such as Azure Firewall. 

Is there NACL in Azure? 

What you do with NACL in AWS, you can do with NSG in Azure.  

What is the preferred transit option in Azure? 

Aviatrix Transit is of course preferred, but in reality, it depends on the scale of your Azure, the technical requirements for things such as overlapping CIDRs, connection points, and your appetite for paying. Most are using some old form of NVA before they learn about Aviatrix. Azure will want everyone to buy in on the Virtual WAN. 

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