• 28 March 2021
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Hello All,

I am already read documentation about both items, however I have some doubts to make difference between two terms and based some topology.

CloudWAN -> It related specific feature that can manage device remotely ( Cisco Routers ) via Aviatrix Controller, as well as will have some benefits based if you contracted with AWS ( for example ) Global Accelerator. However, is it necessary to install something to make this deploy or can be considered only feature associated inside Aviatrix Dashboard?

CloudN -> It related Aviatrix virtualization router can be deploy in DC via hypervisor or bare metal, in order to make connection of this router with gateway on the cloud doing a IPSEC or HPE if there is necessity connection, being managed by Aviatrix Controller. 

Is it correct approach for it? The big difference CloudWAN is feature associated inside Controller? 


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You are very close :-)

CloudWAN is mainly for Aviatrix GW in the Cloud to on-prem Branch connectivity for Cisco Routers/FW

CloudN is mainly for Aviatrix GW in the Cloud to on-prem Data Center connectivity. CloudN is deployed on a bare-metal server or as VM.