Copilot Functions missing from Controller

  • 6 August 2023
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Hi Community,

while experimentig wth Aviatrix I was not able to perform some actions from Copilot, and I had to do them via the controller.

Can you help me understanding if I missed them, or if they are not moved yet?

  1. Spoke Gateway detachment from transit: under Cloud Fabric > Gateways > Spoke Gateways > MyGwName - Edit I tried to delete the TGW name, but after I clicked away from the field, the TGW appeared again 
  2. OpenVPN: all the openVPN menus of the controller are missing in Copilot. Moreover, the “Additional CIDRs” option is only present in the controller under OpenVPN  > Edit Config > Modify Split Tunnel, but it is not reflected under Gateway > MyGwName > Edit Designated Gateway > Additional CIDRs (for Controller) and Cloud Fabric > Speciality Gateways > Spoke Gateways > MyGwName - Edit > Split Tunnel > Additional CIDRs

Many thanks,



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Ciao Francesco,

let’s immediately reply to your questions! 😀


I try deleting a gateway directly by the Copilot and as per the following screenshot:

it worked fine! Is this the action you took or did you try modifying the gateway name (deleting it first) only?

Regarding the second question, I can confirm UserVPN functions will be supported in next releases of Copilot.

Trying to replicate your case scenario, I set as CIDR in the Modify Split Tunnel configuration feature:


and the above one has been perfectly replicated in Copilot → Gateways → Specialty Gateways → Details:


Can you please re-verify enabling the Modify Split Tunnel feature to one of your OpenVPN gateway and setting a CIDR? If the Additional CIDR is not synced in the Copilot → Gateways → Specialty Gateways → Details can you please verify which Copilot version are you running?


As a further clarification and considering the Aviatrix Documentation, Split Tunnel Mode (designed for VPN Gateways) is a different feature then Designated Gateway (available for AWS only) and the last one is not compatible with VPN settings, as per the following error message:


I got trying to replicate it.


Please, let me know if you need any more clarifications.




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Hi @Nico thanks a lot for your feedback.

1) Spoke gateway deletion works fine, and while deleting the gateway, any attachment to a TGW is also deleted. What I could not achieve, was just deleting the single attachment from the “Edit gateway” menu, while keeping the Gateway alive.

2) I am probably looking at the wrong menu in CoPilot: I thought the additional CIDRs would have been displayed in the “Edit Gateway” menu, instead of looking at the “Gateway details” menu.

I can’t double check right now, but as soon as I can verify I’ll approve your answer!

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@Bigo for my understanding, you cannot break a Spoke/Transit Gateways connection (both in HA), detaching a single Spoke Gateway only!

Can you please confirm this is the case scenario you would like to verify? If so, what is the goal of this action? High Availability testing?


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Hi @Nico,

I have no HA configured in my example as it’s just a lab scenario, even though being able to detach one Spoke from its current Transit might comes handy in general, in case a change in the current setup is needed.

This funcion is available in the controller under MULTI-CLOUD TRANSIT > Setup > Attach/Detach > 2a | Detach Aviatrix Spoke Gateway

I expected that in CoPilot I could do the same by emptying the “Attach to Transit Gateway” field and saving, but it seems impossible to clean up that field.



For the OpenVPN question, you’re right I can see the fields populated in the Gateway details page in CoPilot:


However, they are not editable from here, so I thought they could be seen and edited from the “Edit Gateway” menu:

But as you can see, this file is not updated, and if I enter a CIDR there and hit “Save”, nothing happens.

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Hi @Bigo,
thank you so much for the detailed comment! really appreciated!


If you would like to detach the Spoke Gateway from the Transit one, you should:

  • reach the Copilot → Gateways → Spoke Gateways page.
  • click on the Manage Transit Gateway Attachment link:


  • click on the Trash icon:


  • and save it:


  • The Spoke Gateway will be detached, as per:



Regarding the Copilot -> Cloud Fabric -> Gateways -> Specialty Gateways configuration editing, it looks we hit a particular Race Condition! I shared this with the Engineering Team and it will be fixed in the next Copilot release.


Please, let me know if you need any further clarification.