How do I easily determine that the issue is not from the Network?

  • 2 May 2023
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Can someone help me with more information on a feature with Aviatrix that can help identify and isolate the network from issues that occur in Multicloud to on-prem scenario? I remember this was discussed in the online class I attended.


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Ping, traceroute, mtr, will always be go to tools for testing routing and connectivity between cloud and on-prem.

The Copilot tools will be looking at flowiq, raw gateway flows and filtering for data, using flightpath….etc

The Aviatrix controller tools you can do packet captures on the gateways, flightpath, use the Discover flows feature, ping,traceroute...etc.

Anything deeper than that and you have to start looking at BGP session, routing tables, received and advertised prefixes, VPN tunnel status...and so on.

There’s multiple tools built in that you can use but the easiest is just to hop into a dedicated troubleshooting ec2 instance or a VM and do a quick connectivity test.