L2 Extension to Cloud

  • 27 March 2021
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IPs are hardcodes in applications and it would break the communication if we migrate it to the cloud. Need to extend the on-prem subnet to cloud. Can Aviatrix solve this issue?


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4 replies

IMHO, extending L2 to cloud is a mad-man's game.
You might wanna look at IPmotion (

I understand it bit tricky & challenging to extend L2 into cloud. But does this Aviatrix solution works with Azure as well?

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Bharat Batra yes, Aviatrix works with Azure, AWS, GCP, and OCI. This doc page has a table that shows you which Aviatrix capabilities are supported in each of the clouds: Aviatrix Overview — aviatrix_docs documentation


Hello, just wanted to follow this discussion. We could have customer who need to move onprem workload to public cloud keeping the same IP subnet. So the layer 2 extension is well suited for temporary situation. I saw that the link is broken, does Aviatrix provide solution for that ? thanks.