migrate to use ipv6 cidr with aviatrix transit gateway and aviatrix spoke gateway and identified with controller

  • 9 April 2024
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  to use ipv6 cidr  ranges at   transit  gateway or spoke gateway 

  1. do we need enable  the  ipv6 cidr range from each  cdp vpc/vnet manually first and then associate it with controller 
  2. can  the controller  init  the ipv6  support  when deploying the transit or spoke gateways
  3. can be done this  support as infrastructure as code for example terraform  using aviatrix provider

Best answer by Nico 12 April 2024, 06:47

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2 replies

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Hi @MohammedBanabila ,

thank you for getting in touch with your inquiries about employing IPv6 CIDR ranges within transit and spoke gateways. Your engagement and curiosity about these functionalities and how they'll be implemented are truly valued.

Our product development team is currently fully immersed in augmenting our capability to support IPv6. While the timeline for the full implementation is still being finalized to ensure the highest quality, rest assured we are diligently working on this initiative. Our development roadmap is dynamic, and specific launch dates are calibrated to this adaptive progress.

Please rest assured, as we progress with our planning and development, we will keep you informed with the most up-to-date information.




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thanks  @Nico