Sandbox Starter Azure VNET

  • 16 April 2021
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I'm considering creating the Azure VNET part of the Sandbox to build on my knowledge of Aviatrix. However - I cannot find any information on the type of minimum build/specification (eg memory, processor, storage, build type) that I need to select to successfully create the transit & spoke gateways. 

If the this automatically done by the script Sandbox script, I would still like to know what would be selected as I want to know what is the cost of running the Azure instances before I consider going ahead with creating the VNET.

Can someone please advice - thanks. 


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The Sandbox Starter script will automatically create the VNET and will deploy the gateways there. To control the cost, it will deploy only one Aviatrix GW VM per VNET. Type is B1s. The cost and type information is listed here



I was on this page previously but I didn't notice the 'Azure' word. 🙂