Sandbox Starter Tool - Docker/AWS Usage

  • 29 April 2021
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I have a questions re: clarification of the below statement:

"This tool is packaged as a container image that could run locally on the Windows/Linux/MACOS laptop/server/VM or EC2 instances. The container code is available here"
If the container image can run locally on a PC/Server does this mean there is no requiremnet to spin up the AWS resources?

I'm trying to understand:
1  If the Sandbox tool need  both AWS and Docker?
2  Can the Sandbox tool only use AWS?
3  If Sandbox tool need both AWS and Docker, what does it use Docker for?



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Hi Jeffrey

the sandbox tool itself runs in a container but you provide credentials to AWS (and azure if you want) so the tool can spin up the resources (controller, gateways, etc) in the cloud(s).

the sandbox starter container contains the code and terraform to do the interactions without you needing to install those tools or connect it to terraform etc. think of it as a remote installer for AWS. 

In theory you could probably spin up a desktop (or socket) environment in AWS and use that to run the starter tool. I have run it off of a Ubuntu box docker instance. 

hope that helps. 



1. Yes, both.

2. No (since the sandbox-starter is packaged as a Docker image ... it needs Docker to run).

3. Simplified you can think of it this way: AWS EC2 is a OS virtualisation technology (e.g. virtual machines), Docker is container technology (e.g. Docker runs containers inside an OS). Containers run inside VMs (so ... you need both at the end of the day).

Docker is used because it is relatively easier to deliver the sandbox starter as a package for a series of OS-es (e.g. Windows,*nix, OSX) and/or other virtualisation platforms (since Docker daemon is compiled for a variety of OS-es).

That's about it in a nutshell ...

Does this answer your questions ?




Thanks for your replies.  

As you probably realise from my question - I don't come from a software background so your replies are a great help.


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Jeffrey Hazel no problem, that's why the starter is so great. It's a nice packaged way for you to deploy an aviatrix environment with minimal cost, knowledge, and experience!

I would recommend running through the aviatrix associate course (available as self-paced or Instructor-led). Check here for more on that:

Aviatrix is also running some "Build Day" events where they help walk you through the sandbox starter and the follow-up scenarios. I don't see any on the calendar right now, but you could contact your Aviatrix contacts, or if you don't have any let me know and I'll have someone contact you 🙂